weekly newsletter!!!

by: sarah willmann and ashley huber


In math this week we talked about fractions. On Monday we reviewed equivalent,mixed ,and improper fractions. On Tuesday we fractions segments to compare and order fractions. On Wednesday we did a packet together about fractions. On Thursday we introduced decimals.


In reading this week we learned about Authors Purpose. On Monday we introduced Author's purpose. On Tuesday we made a flip book on Author's purpose. On Wednesday we went over our homework passage. On Thursday we did reading passages about Author's purpose.


On Monday we identified fragment sentences and real sentences. On Tuesday we identified complete sentences. On Thursday we identified run-ons. On Friday we made stories about Mrs.Schropp's secret life and did our spelling assessment. Writing was great.


In science this week we talked about forces. On Monday we wrote down some definitions of forces. On Thursday we learned a song about forces. On Friday we did a packet together then did a quiz.

Social Studies

In Social Studies this week we learned about spaniards in Texas. On Friday we read in our social studies book and completed a work sheet.