King Cobra

Strong Snake


The king cobra is the world's longest venomous snake, with a length up to 18.5 to 18.8 ft. This species, which preys chiefly on other snakes, is found predominantly in forests from India through Southeast Asia.


The king cobra's generic name, Ophiophagus is a Greek-derived word which means "snake-eater", and its diet consists primarily of other snakes, including rat snakes, small pythons and even other venomous snakes such as various members of the true cobras


They live in Damp areas, dry sclerophyll forests, woodlands Sand plains and dunes with grasses.

Interesting information

When confronted, it rears up the anterior portion (usually one-third) of its body when extending the neck, showing the fangs and hissing loudly. It can be easily irritated by closely approaching objects or sudden movements. When raising its body, the king cobra can still move forward to strike with a long distance and people may misjudge the safe zone. The king cobra may deliver multiple bites in a single attack but adults are known to bite and hold on. In spite of being a highly dangerous snake, it prefers to escape first unless there is nowhere to go. Since this species is secretive and tends to inhabit less-populated forested regions and dense jungle, it is rarely encountered and seldom comes across humans, except those individuals which are caught for performances and thus many victims bitten by king cobras are actually snake charmers.

king cobra live attack