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Our second PPO will take place this Wednesday, March 15th at FBTH and Medgar Evers College. However, please note that Shelly can choose to visit any site she deems necessary during the day-long visit. In short, a PPO is designed to check that the systems of our school are aligned with the district and chancellor's priorities.

Please make sure, as we prepare to present our best work, that your IEPs and IEP trackers are up to date, you have current student work available for review, and that your rooms are neat and organized.

Off Site Spotlight

We have several off sites, including Medgar Evers College, Cobble Hill Inclusion, Wayside Senior Center and Buena Vida Nursing Home. These community and inclusion sites allow our students access to independence and community integration, as well as daily interaction with their non-disabled peers. Students are supported by staff members, but those supports fade as students progress through the programs. Ideally, students gain real world work and social skills that allow for success in post secondary placements. Here are a few highlights:

Nick Millus, Handel Pierrot and Robin James, Medgar Evers Transition:

What makes the Medgar Evers College Transition program so special stems from the community experience the students receive on the campus! All of our students are a part of the Medgar Evers community. Our students are treated like staff members when they step onto the campus everyday. The respect they receive daily from the campus staff, security and college students makes this transition experience so special. For our students there is a unique responsibility given to them from the college; this experience allows them to see what life will be like after their time here at 373K. From learning important vocational skills through various outlets on campus to attending very informative social activism seminars; our students are engaged in an experience that prepares them for life after high school.

Hilary Hackett, Renee Battee, Fatima Lawal and students, Wayside Senior Center

Hilary Hackett: What makes Wayside Senior Center an awesome worksite? Wayside is like one big family. The senior citizens take on the role of being grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, and uncles to the students. They mentor, listen, and nurture the students in ways that enrich their work experience as well as their confidence. What brings family together? Food. Students serve breakfast and lunch to the senior residents. Then, we all sit and bond over a delicious meal. We have fun together too. We line dance, exercise, participate in the center’s senior activities, and activities within the community. Wayside is a great worksite that instill our motto, "Working to learn and learning to work."

Renee Battee: Wayside is a blessing in disguise. This is my first year at the center and I have embraced it with open arms. The seniors have opened their hearts, mind, and soul to guide the students and staff in a way that gives us the comfort we need to complete our task each day.

Fatimah Lawal: Working at Wayside with the students and other staff members is truly like being among a big extended family. Wayside is full of personalities which makes your experience here unique from day to day. It takes an individual who truly loves working with young adults and senior citizens to work here. It has its rewards and challenges. Most of all, the unit of love that all members share for each other is truly amazing.

Students: “We love it here! “It’s awesome!”

Kadyn Pena, Ana Medrano, and Tiasia Pipkin, Cobble Hill Inclusion

What is great about our program is the truly collaborative approach taken here that makes our students feel seen and welcome. Cobble Hill and 373K staff work as a team to ensure that our students are seen and included, as well as provided with the support they need to do well. They are immersed in both engaging and rigorous curricula that includes algebra, studio art, global studies, and biomedical science. Additionally, our students are exposed to enriching extracurricular activities such as lunch clubs, the afterschool program, dances, field trips, and so much more! Our mission is to equip our students with the academic, social, and executive functioning skills necessary for future successes in higher learning.

Read on with MyON

From Mr. Tomlinson:

Good Afternoon P373K!

As we all know, Chancellor Banks delivered a speech prior to this school year focusing on reimagining the student experience. Most importantly he spoke about the importance of pushing literacy in our schools. Reading can be a banal topic for many, but it is our job to make it fun for our students!

What better way to get our students to have fun with reading than to have a reading competition!

As Ms. Haraughty stated in a previous email, we are undergoing a school wide homeroom reading competition! All classes are encouraged to participate! The winner will receive a pizza party courtesy of Principal Rattenbury! The competition will end on March 31st. The winner will be announced the following Monday on April 3rd.

How to win:

Read the most minutes out of any class in the school!

A special Shout out to the NEW leaderboard (as of March 10)

  1. Ms. Javid
  2. Ms. Laird
  3. Ms. Summers
  4. Ms. Hackett
  5. Ms. Bean

I am currently our liaison for MYON, so feel free to ask any questions.

I have updated all of the class rosters so if there are any errors, please let me know so that I can fix them ASAP.

Student usernames: OSIS #

Student passwords: 1 + the first two letters of their first names

MyOn Website Link

Have a great day and get your READ ON with MYON!

Conferences and Report Cards

A reminder, report cards were due to Sandra by Friday. March 10th- if you have not completed them make this a priority. Remember to reach out to Sandra with any roster changes, or change to the subject you are teaching.

Parent teacher conferences will take place on Thursday, March 16th. We will have a half day. You may conduct afternoon conferences from home as long as you can travel there and be ready to start your sessions by 12:30PM (this session ends at 2:30 PM)

The evening session will take place from 5:00-7:30 PM.

You will be asked to set up appointments with parents, and to share those appointments with administration so we are able to participate as well.

Use this form to schedule


Please remember to reach out to parents if:

  • a new student joins your class
  • a school-wide event is scheduled (school dances, movie nights)
  • your student will be participating in a performance like Black History Month or Cinderfella
  • Ms. Quinonez schedules a parent event

Please also remember to reach if students have a great day, or a rough one. It is incredibly important that parents feel that, as their child's teacher, you are also their partner.

If you are concerned about how to communicate with parents, please reach out to your cohort administrator.

Class Partnership

Ms. Schiller's GED class partnered with Mission North, an organization in DUMBO. The class met several times with staff from the organization, and discussed professionalism, job readiness, and how to support the hiring of people with disabilities.
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Bushwick Grind

Recently, local coffee shop the Bushwick Grind donated funds to support students in temporary housing. Class Y14 presented the owners with a thank you shadowbox to honor their years of support.
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Most of you know Jezebel, our school snake. She terrifies me, but many of our students and staff have appreciated getting to know her!

Blue Moon Cafe

Note the independent task cards- students prepping breakfast, and Dante making cheesesteaks.

Fourth Floor Gym

Mr Gooden and Mr Sikoutris have transformed the fourth floor gym into a TEACCH-friendly space.
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Javier Morales

Shout out to Javier Morales who was picked by a music professor to perform at a special event in May for Medgar Evers College.
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Cinderfella's Manhattan shoot

On location at Grand Central, the Plaza Hotel, and Central Park!
March 8 Choral Recording 01
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Shout Out

From Mr Salzgeber:

A shout out to Mr. Orza for going above and beyond while recording the chorus in his classroom/studio last week (March 8). Mr. Orza made it extra fun, educational and inclusive, while we recorded our 2 songs for the upcoming musical ‘Cinderfella.’

From Kate Fenton:

I wanted to give a shout out to Ms. Hamilton who has been filming, editing and working endlessly for our upcoming show Cinderfella.

"For a successful cinematographer, every frame has to be important. "

Thank you, Ms., Hamilton from the Performing Arts Team for always honoring the storyline and working your magic on every frame.

Song of the Week

Experimental psych-rock/synth pop/funk and lounge-a move away from rap for Lil Yachty- very atmospheric. I'll be listening this weekend as I prep for the PPO, and the title "Running Out of Time" feels apt.
Lil Yachty - running out of time (Official Audio)