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The True Self is Indestructible

Adding layer after layer to protect ourselves, we become identified with our coverings, believing ourselves to be separate, threatened, and deficient. Yet even when we cannot see the gold, the light and love of our true nature cannot be dimmed, tarnished, or erased. It calls to us daily through our longing for connection, our urge to understand reality, our delight in beauty, our natural desire to help others. Our deepest intuition is that there is something beyond our habitual story of a separate and isolated self: something vast, mysterious, and sacred….

Even though the gold of your true nature can get buried beneath fear, uncertainty, and confusion, the more you trust this loving presence as the truth of who you are, the more fully you will call it forth in yourself and in all those you touch. And in our communities, as we humans increasingly remember that gold, we’ll treat each other and all beings with a growing reverence and love.

Richard Rohr

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Hi Everyone,

Crikey - Book Week! What a parade on the courts this morning and what an Art Show in the library! Thankyou Holly for leading this event with such enthusiasm! There are libraries and there are libraries. Ours, managed by the irrepressible Holly, supported by the remarkable Anna, makes for a vibrant, enjoyable place in the centre of our school.

Also, today’s Musica Viva concerts to celebrate the Music programme were great fun! In her classes several weeks prior Michelle Kirwan teaches to this concert, which involves the children. This is a wonderful musical opportunity and we thank Michelle for making it available to our children.

Next week sees the ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools - an independent, skills-based assessment program which recognises and rewards student achievement) Mathematics assessment take place. Best of luck to all who chose to participate!

Fathers Day Breakfast and Preprimary assembly next Friday on the first day of Spring! Our P&F have been working on this event for a while and we look forward to a great celebration and seeing lots of you there.

There is an excellent article from the P&F bin this newsletter. Recommended Reading!

What a fantastic week. Have a great weekend.


A Couple of Reminders

Supervision Before School

This starts at 8.15am for children from Years 1-6. Children requiring supervision before that time should be enrolled in Discovery Kids, our OSHC which is onsite and open from 7am, is excellent. Their service provides for children from Kindy to Year Six.

Supervision After School

Unless enrolled and participating in organised on site after school events, a reminder please to depart school grounds promptly after the 3.05 bell, which is when school closes. We certainly understand that nearly everyone does this, knowing the grounds are then licenced to Discovery Kids. However, we have had a couple of situations recently where children playing onsite after school have had a bust up. We want to avoid that.

We have also noticed children playing on playgrounds after school while waiting for a sibling to finish sports training. These children cannot be left unsupervised, and it is not fair to expect parent volunteer coaches to take on that supervision. Arrangements need to be made to either collect them or have them supervised by others, with an option being the utilisation of Discovery Kids.

Please keep the safety and well-being of all our children front of mind. Thank you very much.

Parking On Neighbours' Verges

We have had a complaint from one of the homes near the Kindy (Angelico Street) side, and likely the Ranger from the City of Stirling will be involved in addressing the matter. Please be mindful of our neighbours as they are generally very tolerant of the congestion we create at both ends of the day. Thank you for your support.

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Friday 1 September

  • Father's Day Breakfast 7.30 - 8.45am

Friday 1 September

  • Pre primary Assembly

Wednesday 6 September

  • Eucharist Parent and Student Workshop - Year 4
  • 4.30 - 5.30pm and 6.00 - 7.00pm
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Uniform Update - All sizes now available to try on

We now have one of every size for all uniform items in "Store 2" in the office. If you would like your child to try before you order online, you are welcome to come in.

Holy Rosary iPad User Agreement

The school iPad user agreement has been slightly modified, the agreement is sent home with year 3-6 at the beginning of the school year.

The update is on page 2 under the Home Wi-Fi Internet.

Parents may add their home Wi-Fi to the iPad. Parents are then responsible for the internet use that their child engages in. Parents should monitor internet access and screen time as they would any other ‘home’ electronic device. School iPads are content filtered while connected to the school Wi-Fi. School filtering does not apply away from the school. Holy Rosary suggests that parents consider:

· Talking to their children about their internet use and teaching them about online dangers;

· Teaching safe and responsible online behaviours;

· Creating a family media plan that includes guidelines for internet use;

· Encouraging open communication with your children about their online experiences;

· Keeping devices in open, common areas of the home and consider setting limits for their use.

· The suitability of charging iPads in children’s bedrooms.

Click here to access full document

Library News

What a fantastic Book Week we had here at HR! Book borrowing continued and I loved seeing everyone READ and enjoy their books. The magnificent class art in the library shows how much the students GROW and learn everyday and the Senior Chess Finalists INSPIRE us all to do our best and play with kindness and sportsmanship. Huge congrats to our winner Nathan, as well as to Sam in 2nd, 3rd Monty and 4th Alex. You are all champions.

The book week activities, culminating in our wonderful and fun parade today, truly show how important literacy is here at HR. Thank you to staff, students, our magnificent Library and Music Monitors and parents for your support this week. Special thanks to Ms Capolingua for the beautiful displays and Mrs Kirwan for your help with the music. It is wonderful working with you all!
Enjoy a book over the weekend,

Mrs Butson

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It's not.” ― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

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Hot Tip for State Government Employees

Did you know most State Government departments offer their employees two, paid days of Community Involvement Leave each year?

These days could be utilised well to help in the school canteen without having to use one of your precious annual leave days! Working in the canteen is also a great way to meet other awesome parents and see the kids smiles at lunch time.

To join the canteen fun (it is not hard or scary) please email admin@hrs.wa.edu.au or text Leanna on 0414 953 958.

Spring in the canteen

Spring is in the air and we had fun in the canteen with Sam and Belinda, Kristy and Rose (sadly no photo), Cara, Tracy and Asha!

Online Ordering: https://quickcliq.com.au/

Monday 28 August: T Owen, E Capolingua

Wednesday 30 August: F McLean, G Delaney

Friday 1 September: L Audino, P Preston, M Zuvela

Wednesday Soup: Pea and Ham

Free Nasal Rapid Antigen Tests

Free Nasal Rapid Antigen Tests - 5 per family, parents/guardians to collect from outside admin.
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Interesting facts about the P&F, which you might not know:

This is what the P&F have recently contributed to the school and what exciting things we have up our sleeve.

Some of the most recent contributions we have made so far include:-

  • The purchase of a new Thermomix for our canteen.
  • Edu-Dance professional filming for both concerts.
  • PLD Books for each year group.
  • A set of Soccer Goals.
  • We will also be making a contribution to the Year 6 Graduation event this year as we have done in previous years.
  • Providing all the extras for Mothers Day & Father’s Day Breakfast such as… drinks, fruit platters, bits and bobs such as napkins, sauces, ice bags etc plus providing entertainment/games.
  • AV Media system for the gym with your P&F paying for 2/3 and our school 1/3.
  • New sports equipment plus storage bins for all our classrooms (these were added to the classrooms at the beginning of this term).
  • The running of our hugely successful Bogan Bingo event and Silent Auction Fundraiser.

Still to come for 2023…

  • Color Run - This will be held on Friday 20th October. Information regarding this event will be out soon!!
  • We will be hosting a morning tea for our wonderful staff for Teacher Appreciation Day. This Day falls on the 27th October but the morning tea will be held on Wednesday 1st November in the Staff Room.
  • We are organising a fun night for all parents and kids. The P&F are really thankful for the beautiful community we have and we wanted to show our appreciation by holding a free event with food and entertainment provided. This year a movie night will be held on Friday 10th November, Pop this date in your calendars because we would love for you all to make it!! More info to come.
  • Every year our wonderful P&F team works very hard to bring our community together. This year we’ve been able to add some amazing new aspects to our school. Without the help of volunteers none of the fun stuff and/or events would be able to take place. I just want to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all the parents past and present in our P&F committee and also to all our parent volunteers!! Whether it be putting your hand up for parent rep, class roster, canteen roster, helping to set up and pack away events and everything in between, we really appreciate it, we know how busy life can be but we want you to know your contribution is truly valued.

That’s all from us for now… please continue to read the newsletter it’s the best way to be kept up to date on all events and important information.

Your P&F Committee xx

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Father's Day Breakfast

Calling all Holy Rosary Dads to save the date!

Friday 1 September

7.30 - 8.45am

Holy Rosary Upper Oval

Book Here

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Signing up for the entertainment book not only unlocks savings on your favourite restaurants, fast food faves, holidays, outings and much much more, but 20% of the proceeds of sale also come directly back to the P&F to support Holy Rosary School.

Please use link above to purchase direct through the Holy Rosary fundraiser site, and feel free to share with your friends and extended community!

Discovery Kids runs the before and after school care at Holy Rosary School.

  • Five days a week during term time
  • Vacation Care during school holidays.
  • Available for children attending Kindy through to Year Six


Our Lady of the Rosary Parish

Parish Office - 9446 2055

Father Peter Hoang OP - 0412 445 199

Email: doubleview@perthcatholic.org.au

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2023 Term Dates and Student Free Days

Term 3 - Wednesday 19 July - Friday 22 September

Term 4 - Monday 9 October - Friday 8 December

Follow HR Instagram

We recently lost all our Instagram Followers in an Insta-glitch. Follow us again! @holyrosaryschooldoubleview

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