Jim Crow laws

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The Jim Crow laws

The Jim Crow laws segregated black from White, under Jim Crow laws blacks can not sit in the same train or stay in a certain hotel. Examples :water fountain , parks and schools. this is related to the thirteenth admendment, the thirteenth admendmet
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African-American would be called by their first name instead of, Mrs,Ms, or Mr. Also if white people are on the bus with black people, the blacks would have to sit at the back.

Here are some examples:

rosa parks

Rosa parks was an African american who wouldn`t give up her seat to an white person and here is an video above.
Rosa Parks Story (Educational Videos for Students) Rosa Parks for Kids (Watch Cartoons Online) CN
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African-Americans had to be separated from the white by sitting at the back of the bus or train. Also the jim crow laws made African- Americans not eat in certain restaurants or attend in certain theathers, schools, or parks. Examples: Rosa Parks aws an african- american who wouldn`t give her seat away and she got arested. Another example is if an African- American did not sit at the back of the bus they would get arested.

African-American change

Since black people could not go to certain schools or places African-Americans in the late 1880 and 90 started their own campain.Also they built their own schools, bisness, and churshes. Examples: this is related to the Underground Railroad, the Underground Railroad was when African-Americans escaped from their owners.
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What White People Thought

Alabama- All passenger station shall have separate wating rooms and ticket windos for the colored races.Mississippi- Prision warders shall see that the whute convicts shall have seprate apartments for both eating and sleeping from the black people.
-the jim crow laws effected the African-Americans. -so that ment that black people could not do the same as the white people . that`s when African-Americans went on strike.
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klu klux klan

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people who helped jim crow laws

people who helped the jim crow laws were the kkk or(klu klux klan). The kkk was a group of white people who also wanted slavery so they would burn peoples house or hang people

Intresting facts

The U.S army was segregated unti 1984 when president Harry truman orderd the army srvices desegrated. Also as many as 6 million African-Americans relocated tothe north and west to get away from the jim crow laws of the south. this was called the Great Migration.