Preventing Electrical Shocks/Burns

They DO hurt.


When you are burned or get an electrical shock there was a reason for it.Those reasons are called causes.Some causes of electrical shocks and burns are plugging too many appliances into one outlet, appliance cords in a bad condition getting wet, holding the cord and not the plug when it is being unplugged.

Electric Shock Prevention

Prevention for electrical shock is very simple so it is often overlooked.

1) Keep electrical appliances and cords away from water the sink the stove and other heat sources.

2)Hold the plug not the cord when unplugging.holding the cord could damage it.

3)Never use electrical appliances with wet hands.

4) Keep appliances and cords in good condition.

5)If food gets stuck in an appliance unplug the appliance first. If food doesn't come out easily contact a repair technician.

6) There are many more steps for prevention,but not all can be named here.