Curriculum, Instruction & PD

May 2015


Curriculum Units for 2015-16 will be accessible throughout the summer for planning purposes. All refinement updates will be completed by June 15, 2015.

PUSD's Board-approved curriculum is available to PUSD employees for use in planning instruction now via two venues:

1. Google Drive - in the shared folder "PUSD Curriculum 2015-16".

2. Haiku Learning - on the "Curriculum" tab of the Curriculum, Instruction & PD Haiku page.

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The curriculum consists of:

  • Scope & Sequence - indicates the Priority & Supporting Standards addressed for the course, and sequence of the units of study for the course.

  • Unit Overviews - details the Priority & Supporting Standards for the unit. Indicates the expected student learning outcomes for the course (Enduring Understandings, Essential Questions, Key Knowledge & Key Skills). If applicable, includes description of performance task for the unit.

  • Performance Tasks -Tasks designed to assess the application of the taught standards identified in the scope and sequence and unit overviews.

  • Project-Based Learning (PBL) Plan - optional instructional plan, if desired for use.

Differentiation Toolkit:

This is a library of scaffolds, modifications, and strategies for instruction that supports English learners, students with disabilities, and gifted and talented students. It has been generated for K-8th ELA, aligned to the key skills indicated in the PUSD Curriculum Unit Overviews, and will continue to expand.

All of the above PUSD curriculum components are intended to be an evolving library of resources.

Professional Development:

As we continue moving forward in our PUSD Curriculum implementation, workshops will be offered throughout the summer to equip you with instructional pedagogy and planning time. TAA’s Tech Tuesdays will also continue. Workshops are free of charge to PUSD employees only. Supplemental pay or salary credit is available, unless otherwise indicated in the workshop description.

Updates for the 2015-16 School Year

Districtwide Professional Development Day will now be:

Events will be held at Pasadena High School

  • August 13, 2015 for certificated staff (Bring your Chromebook)

  • August 14, 2015 for on duty classified staff

Instructional Resources:

In an effort to provide resources that are aligned to the new CA Standards (formerly known as the Common Core State Standards), PUSD has acquired the following resources to be used in the 2015-16 school year.

These resources will replace current materials and are intended to support the PUSD Curriculum:

  • My Math

    • Online component - K-5th grades

      • This will provide teachers with a way to get students online, using content that is aligned to the new CA Standards.

    • Hardcopy versions of student text and TE - K-2nd grades

      • 3rd-5th grades will continue to have HM student texts for support material.

  • STEMScopes

    • Online component - K-5th grades, and 6th grade Science

These resources will be provided to supplement materials already in place:

  • Online differentiation component - 6th-12th grade Math

      • This will be used in conjunction with current materials (MVP, Engage NY, Holt) to diagnose and intervene with learning gaps.

  • A database of curated FREE online resources supporting the implementation of the CA Standards will be available via Google Drive and Haiku Learning.


2015-16 Assessment Calendars will be available in the "PUSD Curriculum" folder. They will be updated to include all applicable centralized assessments: District Benchmarks/Trimesters and Performance Tasks.

  • Following feedback from teachers, the amount of centralized assessment has been reduced. This will be reflected on the updated 2015-16 Assessment Calendars.

  • District Benchmarks/Trimesters for 3rd -11th grades will be computer-based from EADMS or SBAC Interim exams.

  • Adjustments for Elementary Assessments: 3rd-5th grade - Performance Tasks in Trimester 3 have been reduced, in response to concerns about the amount of assessment during CAASPP testing period.

  • Adjustments for Secondary Assessments: Results of Performance Tasks for designated units only (indicated on the 2015-16 Assessment Calendar) will be requested centrally. Additional Performance Tasks are available as a resource for teachers’ use.