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St. Paul School - Kevin Brever, Principal - 1/29/16

Inspirational Quote

“Catholic school graduates exhibit a wide variety of qualities that will not only help them in their careers but also in their family and community lives."

–Joe Baca (b. 1947), a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives from California's 43rd district (2003–2013)

From Desk of the Principal
  • Middle School Governor's Cup District Champions 2016!

  • Hen Party - 2/15

  • CEF Application for 2016-17 NOW AVAILABLE thru MARCH 15th

  • Re-Enrollment for Current Families - Now Until 2/1/16

  • Aladdin, Jr. Spring Musical Rehearsal Calendar & Info Link

  • ---Auditions - 1/29

  • St. Paul Pennies for Patients Program Kickoff!

  • St. Paul Parish School Calendar Link

From the Classrooms

  • Library
  • ---Book of the Month News
  • ------Winners - Book of the Month Essays
  • ---Book Fair - 2/12-2/18
  • ------Seeking Volunteers for Book Fair!
  • ------Seeking Junior Book Fair Staff


  • Upcoming Sports Events
  • St. Paul Sports Calendar Link
  • Spring Sports Sign Ups Deadline - 2/5/16
  • Catholic Sports Athletic Association Basketball Website Link

From the PTO News

  • PTO Committee Members
  • The PTO 2015-2016 Calendar

Community Happenings

  • Mercy Academy Pre-Season Softball Clinic - 2/27-2/28

  • Events at Local Branches of the Louisville Public Library

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  • Bookworm of the Month of January - Available Next Week

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From the Desk of the Principal

Middle School Governor's Cup District Champions 2016!

Congratulations to Middle School Governor's Cup for winning the district title. We are proud of their accomplishment. Below are the team members:

  • Jackson B
  • Michael B
  • Billy S
  • Jade T
  • Ethan H
  • Maddie H
  • Shelby M
  • Jillian W
  • Justin Ht
  • Madalyn A
  • Jack B
  • Evan R

The following placed to move on to Regionals:


  • Justin H-1st Place
  • Billy S-2nd Place
  • Ethan H-3rd Place

Social Studies

  • Jack B-3rd Place
  • Michael B-4th Place


  • Jackson B-4th Place

Arts and Humanities

  • Madalyn A-1st Place
  • Shelby M-2nd Place
  • Jillian W-4th Place


  • Ethan H-1st Place
  • Jade T-3rd Place

Language Arts

  • Jade T-2nd Place
  • Billy S-3rd Place

Special thanks to the coaches Mr. Zimmerman and Ms. McClinton and all teachers at St. Paul School

Hen Party - 2/15

Saint Paul’s annual Hen Party will be held Monday, February 15, at 7:30 p.m., in the gym. All proceeds from this fundraiser are used to purchase altar bread, wine, candles, vestments, etc., essentials for our worship experience. Admission is $5. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Bring a friend and join us for an evening of fun!
Thank you,
Jeanie Schmuckie
Hen Party Committee

CEF Application for 2016-17 NOW thru MARCH 15th

As we begin a new year, I want to encourage each of you to invite more families to join the Catholic school experience than ever before. Last year with your encouragement and with the help of the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) we were able to achieve record-breaking enrollment. We have not stopped growing and with your help, we expect our enrollment to once again grow in 2016.
  • The 2016-17 Private School Aid Service (PSAS) tuition assistance application is available online at We also have applications available in the office for those families who prefer to mail their information. Families only need to complete one PSAS application to be eligible for tuition assistance for all their children. The completed application, along with the $25 fee, should be submitted to PSAS on or before March 15, 2016.
  • We sent an instructional flyer and application to every St. Paul family recently. Asking for tuition assistance is a very private family decision. Often families who are experiencing difficulty are reluctant to take the steps needed to request assistance but let me assure you, if this is the case the answer will be “Yes” to assistance. Last year with the help of the CEF, needs-based to tuition discounts, archdiocese voucher fund and school choice St. Paul families were awarded $151,960 in assistance.
  • NOW IS THE TIME for more families to join our storied Catholic school community with 105 years of tradition.
Together let’s make this happen! Give More…..Get More
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Re-Enrollment for Current Families Now Until 2/1/16

Re-enrollment Fee for 2016-17 school year:

The Re-enrollment fee for current families with students entering grades K-8 is $100 per student or $200 per family. The amount charged for new families with students enrolling in grades K-8 is $150.00 per student. The enrollment fee for all families with Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten students (Age 3 and 4) is $50.00 per student.

  • The re-enrollment and registration fees did not increase this year.

All fees are a one-time, non-refundable charge that help subsidize the expenses that accrue for standardized testing, school handbook, marketing and communications materials, copying equipment and supplies, accreditation, professional development for teachers and other general operating expenses that tuition, parish investment and fundraising do not cover.

  • In order to secure a space for next year, your re-enrollment fee is due Friday, February 1, 2016, along with the Re--enrollment Form (click the link below).
  • If you have a child entering Pre-School (3YO) or Pre-Kindergarten (4YO) and another entering any grade K-8, please write separate checks.

Re-enrollment Form 2016-17 Link - download, complete and return with fee.

Auditions - 1/29

  • Auditions will be this Friday from 3-5 pm in the school cafeteria.
  • Our first rehearsal will be next Monday, Feb. 1 from 4-6 pm
  • I post all schedule information on the Aladdin Jr. Calendar
  • Hover over the "Music" link, and click on "Aladdin Jr." (or click the link above.)
You can also find various links or files to download that I will post from time to time as rehearsal progress.
~Mr. Ransom

St. Paul Pennies for Patients Program Kickoff!

On February 1st, St. Paul will kickoff our Pennies for Patients Program! Pennies for Patients is a fundraising program with The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). Throughout the month of February students and families will be collecting money to help support research and treatments to help save the lives of those affected with blood cancers. This year our goal is to collect $2500 so that we, St. Paul School, can help to make a difference in the lives of those that are suffering with blood borne cancers.

Our link to the school fundraising page is

Students and parents can set up their own personalized page to fundraise for Pennies for Patients. Look for more information to be sent home on February 1st.

St. Paul Parish School Calendar

Click on this link for Upcoming Events

From the Classrooms



This month’s Book of the Month was Each Kindness, by Jacqueline Woodson. This book won the 2013 Coretta Scott King Author Honor Medal for promoting social justice.

“Each kindness makes the world a little better.”

Each Kindness is about Maya, the new girl in school, and how her classmates react to her. Maya is different; she wears hand-me-downs and doesn’t have material things like the other kids. Every time Maya tries to play or talk to Chloe and the other girls in the class, they turn away from her. Eventually, Maya stops coming to school. After Maya leaves school, Chloe's teacher gives a lesson about how even small acts of kindness can change the world. Chloe feels very guilty about how she treated Maya and wishes for another day to show “each kindness” to Maya.

This month students were asked to brainstorm/prewrite before turning in their final pieces. Some ideas for writing included: a letter from Chloe to Maya about how she could have treated her differently, what happens next? Is it possible for Chloe’s next act of kindness to be paid forward all the way to Maya? Write about a kindness that you can pay forward that might make the world a little bit better.

Here are our exemplary writers this month.

  • Kindergarten - Luke Langford
  • 1st Grade - Leah Keith
  • 2nd Grade - Rubi Messer
  • 3rd Grade - Shayla Samuels
  • 4th Grade- Samantha Canchola
  • 5th Grade- Mia Langford
  • 6th Grade - Kasie Klinglesmith
  • 7th Grade- Katelin Pierce

Kindergarten - Luke Langford

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1st Grade - Leah Keith

Big image

2nd Grade - Rubi Messer

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3rd Grade - Shayla Samuels

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4th Grade - Samantha Canchola

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5th Grade - Mia Langford

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Kasie Klinglesmith - 6th Grade

“Oh Maya what I would’ve done with you…

I would play the games you wanted to play and I would be jaxs champion with you. I would not care about your clothes and who knows, I’d smile back at you. You would not feel left out in the school and I will help you make some friends. But if you feel lonely just call my name and I would comfort you. I would compliment all your shoes and let you try some of mine. But all I wanted was for you to stay. For the lesson of kindness has changed my heart and all I need is you. When you left I wished and wished that I could say to you… all these things I could’ve said but I was so mean to you. I hope you forgive me and we can be friends, but you moved away and now, you cannot stay but if only I was good to you. The only thing I could’ve done if you were still here is the kindness of my heart would make you stay and maybe we could be friends. But only Maya if you stayed I would forgive myself. And all those days of regret and guilt, I would’ve been with you. So Maya oh Maya please come back, so I can say to you… All these things I would have said If I wasn’t mean to you.” Chloe said to the creek where she watched her tears of sadness make the water Ripple."

Katelin Pierce - 7th Grade

Each Kindness

"Dear Mia,

I am truly sorry for how my classmates and I acted. I was completely wrong, and you deserve better. I miss you being in my class everyday, trying to impress us and playing with your fun toys. You were so very kind to us, trying to make us feel better, and we were so very rude to you. We just learned a very interesting topic in class, which I'm sure you’d love, talking about kindness. Of course, I thought of you. We were talking about kindness and how each little drop of it sent a ripple of goodness into the Earth, and how we can change it with our kindness. I didn’t know you had moved until this lesson, and I immediately felt your absence as a sad loss. You sent so many kind waves out, and I'm sure one day you will change the World.

I’m So Sorry Once Again,


Book Fair - 2/12-2/18

Our school will be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair from February 12th through February 18th! The book fair will run throughout the school hours. The book fair will also coincide with the start of our Fish Fry and second trimester conferences.

  • This will be a great time to earn free books and money for our school, but this also means that we will need several volunteers to help run the fair.
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Upcoming Sports Events

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St. Paul Sports Calendar Link

To see more upcoming Sports events, click this link.

Spring Sports Sign Ups Deadline - 2/5/16

Spring is coming! The Sports Committee is now accepting signups for spring sports including Boys Volleyball, Soccer, Track & Field, and Softball. Sign up at Signup deadline for all sports is Friday, February 5th. Please contact Lisa Bisig at for more information regarding sign-ups.
  • Boys Volleyball - All boys in grades 3-8 are eligible to participate.
  • Soccer - All boys and girls in grades 3-8 are eligible to participate.
  • Softball -- All girls in grades 3-8 are eligible to participate.
  • Track & Field -- All boys and girls in grades 5-8 are eligible to participate.
St. Paul is committed to sponsoring all 4 of these sports within our own parish. If we do not obtain enough participants to host a team of our own for a particular sport, everyone signed up will be offered the opportunity to participate on a team at Notre Dame.
~Lisa Bisig
St. Paul Parish Athletic Director

Click here for Sports Information and Sign-up Form.

From the PTO

PTO Committee Members

President -------- Stephanie Gayheart ----- 502-379-0323
Vice President -- Michelle Huber ----- 502-671-3851
Secretary -------- Melissa Logsdon ----- 502-762-5066
Treasurer -------- Becky Baird ----- 502-418-6343

Click on this link to find the Parent-Teacher Organization Calendar

Community Happenings

Big image

Mercy Academy Pre-Season Softball Clinic - 2/27-2/28

Get ready for your upcoming softball season at the Mercy Academy preseason softball clinic. Participants will work on hitting, base running, fielding and position work. Mercy coaches and current players take you through drills and games to build and fine tune your softball skills. Join us for this 2-day clinic and be ready for your season!

  • When: February 27 & 28
  • Where: Mercy Academy
  • Cost: $50 for the Softball Clinic, $30 for a Pitching Clinic
  • Preregister a group of 6 or more and save $10 per player
  • For more information visit the softball page on our website at

~Angie Laemmle Athletic Assistant

Mercy Academy

w. 502.671.2010 x.2312 f. 502.491.0661

Click the link below for a pre-registration form.

Events at Local Branches of the Louisville Public Library

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The Saint Paul app is designed to keep parents and students informed with recent news and information regarding the school and parish. Features include things such as push notifications, calendars, request for information forms, menu updates, athletics, etc.

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