Bring Your Bible to E-town (JLC)

Recommended Titles Below

Your child needs a Bible!

Just as a reminder, your child is highly encouraged to bring a Bible to E-town each Sunday. When children enter the room a small group leader or SWAT student will help your child navigate the Bible and mark the scriptures being taught. Instead of asking your child, "What did you learn in E-town today?" you can now say... "Using your Bible, SHOW ME your Bible story." AWESOME... AMAZING... COOL!

Not only will your child become more familiar with the books of the Bible and begin to navigate through the pages, he/she will also be rewarded with a trip to the treausre box.

Click on the link below and search for "Kids Quest" or "Adventure Bible." These are two highly recommended (NIV or NIrV) Bibles for children and preteens.