Black Faced Blenny

Fish of the Intertidal Zone


I am found in the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea as well as Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean Channel Sea: English Channel Southwards and along the coast of west Africa.


The Black-Faced Blenny gets to be about 8.9 cm in length.

What do I eat?

I feed on benthic invertabrates, (sea anenomes, coral, bivalves) and also on harpacticoids (subphylum Crustacea).

Temperature and Salinity

  • I live in waters where the temperature is about 19.396-18.607 degrees Celsius.
  • The salinity, (how salty the water is), ranges from 36.107- 36.114 PPS.

Where in the water can you find me?

I live in water where the depth ranges from 0-40m deep.


During mating season the males go from a grey-brown color to a bright yellow with a jet black face. The males court the females by swimming in a figure 8.