Have you seen this Elephant?

Borneo pigmy Elaphants

Common name: Borneo pygmy Elaphants

Scientific name: Elephas Maximus Borneenis

High class: Asian Elephants

Rank: subspecies

Identifying characteristics: small body mass, highest body point on head, back is convex level.

The Borneo Pygmy elephants inhabit North Eastern Borneo. Their origin still remains debatable. They were as stated, derived from Sudaic stock and were Indigenous to Borneo these Asian Elephants are much smaller compared to the well known African Elephants. These Elephants are confined to the northern and northeastern parts of Borneo.

Since 1986, these Elephants have been listed as an endangered species by the IUCN. the pre-eminent threats to these elephants are habitat loss, carbon footprint, increasing conflicts between humans and elephants. Their population is dwindling rapidly as their resources continue to decrease due to human consumption and climate change.

These elephants are not significantly needed for the the environment though they are helpful in the ways of maintaining the landscape, digging waterholes, creating trails, and their dung is vital to the soil.

Things we could do to help: donate to charity, lower carbon footprint, help raise awareness!

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