Girls on the Run Weekly Newsletter

The week of April 20, 2015

Running Buddies/Contribution to Celebration

Please click here to see if you have let us know who your kiddo is running with. If you see a blank next to your child's name please reply back to either Coach Hanson or Coach Cogan. We would love to have this chart complete and ready ASAP. Thank you!

Our 5K and Celebration are fast approaching. We are asking families of our girls on the run to donate $5 toward supplies for the celebration, please make contribution by Monday May 4th. Thank you so much for your help to make the celebration special for the girls!

Girls on the Run Spring Practice 5K

Thursday, April 30th, 4:15pm

425 Claywoods Parkway

Liberty, MO

Letter to Parents/Guardians...

Dear Parent/Guardian,

This week’s lessons are gossip and recognizing bullying behavior. In Lesson 13, the girls learn about the hurtful consequences of gossiping. We discuss how gossiping hurts both the person about whom the gossip is being spread and the person spreading it.

In Lesson 14, the girl’s explore different ways bullying can occur—physical, verbal and emotional. We also discuss tactics to use when being bullied or witnessing someone else being bullied. We encourage the “SBLR Strategy” from last week’s lesson as an effective way to respond to bullying. Next week we will focus on friendship and practicing our 5K!


Girls on the Run Coaches

Talk with your Girl on the Run...

Talk with your Girl on the Run…

1. What is gossip?

2. Let’s come up with a noise we can use (loud honk, whistle) when we hear gossip or catch ourselves gossiping!

3. Why is it important to treat others the way you want to be treated?

4. If someone is bullying you by spreading a rumor about you, what would you do? (SBLR strategy, tell an adult)

Girls on the Run Celebration Before the Big Run!!!

Friday, May 15th, 4:15pm

425 Claywoods Parkway

Liberty, MO

Girls on the Run 5K Event

Sunday, May 17th, 7am

Corporate Woods, Overland Park, KS, United States

Overland Park, KS