By Alexis Spry


Millennialism originated in the "burned over" district in upstate New York. This is where William Miller was from and where he started gaining followers for Millennialism also called Millerism. Many of Millers beliefs derived from a literal interpretation of the bible.

Important Leaders

-William Miller a preacher gained many followers because he predicted the day the second coming would happen. That day was October 21st 1844.

- Of course his prediction failed and he lost followers but some people still stood by him.

Major Beliefs and Practices

Millennialism is the belief that there will be a golden era and then a physical of spiritual end of the world where only chosen people will be saved and brought to heaven by Christ.

-Millennium: An important interval or golden era in which Christ will lead for 1000 years
-Tribulation: A time where an antichrist will rule lasting 7 years.
-Armageddon: A war started by the antichrist where most of the people on earth will die.
-Rapture: An event when Christ comes down from heaven and saves the chosen ones and brings them to heaven.

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