2.09 Steps of the Selling Process

Quick and easy steps of the selling process

Approach the Customer

The first encounter with a potential customer. Be upbeat and friendly when welcoming them to a store.


Determine Needs

Find a customer's reasons for buying product by observing, listening, questioning, and engaging.


Present the Product

Demonstrate the products to the customer. Shew them no more than three products at a time and start with a medium-priced product first.


Overcome objections

Make sure the reason for not buying the product is valid. The seller could identify products that meet the customers needs, toss the objection back as a selling point, or learn more about the objection.


Close the Sale

Gain an agreement to buy. Look for buying signals and be ready to close at all times. help customers make decisions and create ownership mentality.


Suggestion Selling

Selling additional goods to enhance the original purchase of the initial sale. Example would be selling a phone case to go on the phone.


Build Relationships

Follow up to ensure satisfaction, handle inquires and complaints to keep customer satisfied, keep a client file that contains useful information, and evaluate to see what could be improved.