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We are BWE! Staff Update. 9.25.15

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Note from Mrs. Keating

Short and sweet today!

Loved the outdoor meeting today with the QR code walk. I hope you were inspired by the new space! Continue to collaborate with your colleagues on innovative ways to use spaces like the outdoor lab, to give students authentic learning opportunities. Look for a Google calendar to be up soon to sign out the lab.

The QR Code website I was using was: Can you see this working in your classrooms? A fun, new way for kiddos to get information, directions, inspiration, or brain-breaks as they rotate stations? Have more ideas-share them out!

Reminder: If putting out your pineapple, please put a message on Group Me the night before so we can plan! Looking forward to seeing what you have in store!

Evaluations: Look to next week for the evaluation calendar to be completed. I am excited for our conversations and diving into professional and personal goals for this year. Again, the challenge is to have the courage to take instructional risks to make learning powerful, personalized and engaging.

Finally, please welcome Katrina McDowell to our staff in 2nd grade if you haven't already done so!

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Note from the Ladies in the Office:

Please take out walkies to recess.
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BWE Teacher BRAGS...Keep 'em Coming!

Patty Tarney: She helped students with LSF

Kathy Blocher: Took class time to show students videos on how to make instruments out of recycled material

Annie Clark: Helping Mrs. Horman and testing students on A-Z

Shelly Olson: Because she is a ray of sunshine!

Becky Sliva: For helping Mrs. Swansegar with Chromebooks.

Mika George: Helping Jenny Horman with her SmartBoard

Big What? Big NUT! It's here...Homecoming!

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"Something Old":

Leader in Me: Habit 1-Be Proactive

Please let me know next week who your one “LEADER” is in your homeroom. These leaders will have their picture up for “Keating's Crew” and will be having lunch the first week on October. I am thinking that I will spotlight one or two on the morning news for the month of October as well.

Shout Outs:

This week I am giving a shout out to Miss Sliva! Her students working in stations knew exactly where to go and what to do. All students were engaged while she was working with a small group! Way to go Sliva!

"Something New":

Starting in October the Leader in Me habit will be: Begin with the End in Mind. There is a sign up that I shared with you on Google Docs.

I will have some fourth graders come around next week to gather your gemstones, they will be counted and the grade level with the most gemstones will earn either an extra recess or a guest reader of their choice.

Please consider going to the optional PD’s coming up. I will do my best to send out e-mail reminders.

Upcoming Optional PD:

9/29- Guided Writing: GRE @ 8:00 (I will be going if anyone wants to join me).

9/30- Scootpad Learning session: SOU @ 3:30 (I will also be attending if anyone would like to join).

10/9- Sumdog Learning session: HSE @ 8:00 ( this will be for Sumdog beginners)

10/16- Sumdog Learning session: BWE @ 8:00 (this will be for challenges and competitions in Sumdog as well as a more in-depth look).

If your interested and need coverage let Robin know!

"Something Borrowed":

Did you know that the website PBL project basically has everything already done for you, all you have to do is print! Click here to check it out, you can search based on grade-level or content. Please remember that I would be MORE than willing to help with planning or even implementing a PBL.

"Something... True":

CLICK here for a great article on planning a successful PBL.

Are you planning on doing a PBL this year?

Thank you for teaching us this song, Mrs. Blocher!

We are from BWE

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