My True Colors

Fisher Rowe 1


I act on a moment's notice. I am witty, charming, spontaneous. I consider life a game, here and now. I am impulsive, generous, impactful I need fun, variety, stimulation, and excitement. I am optimistic, eager, bold. I value skill, resourcefulness, and courage. I am physical, immediate, fraternal. I am a natural trouble shooter, a performer, a competitor.


I was extremely imaginative and found it difficult to fit into the structure of school life. I reacted with great sensitivity to discordance or rejection and sought recognition. I responded to encouragement rather than competition.


I seek a relationship with shared activities and interests. I like to explore new ways to energize the relationship. In a relationship, I need to be bold and thrive on physical contact. I enjoy giving extravagant gifts that bring obvious pleasure to special people in my life.


I am bored and restless with jobs that are routine and structured. I am satisfied in careers that allow me independence and freedom, while utilizing my physical coordination and my love of tools. I view any kind of tool as an extension of myself. I am a natural performer.


I expect quick action. I work in the here and now. I am performance oriented. I use a flexible approach. I welcome change. I expect people to “make it fun”.

Symptoms of a Bad day

I am rude and defiant. I break the rules intentionally. I run away and drop out. I use stimulants. I act out boisterously. I start lying and cheating. I use Physical aggressiveness.

What three characteristics about your color fit you best?

Optimistic, easily bored, and active.

What three characteristics were not like you?

I don't act on a moment's notice, lie or cheat on a bad day, or expect quick action.

What type of job do you believe fits your personality type?

I would like a job that offers different types of work and labor, not just a boring routine that keeps repeating itself. I would love to be a photographer.

How might your color affect you at work?

I may become easily bored or unmotivated while at work and that might lead to me doing a poor job. Although, I might be active and ready to work, and put in the time and effort toward my job.