Internet Safety

All you need to know


When you think of a predator you think of lions, tigers, and etc. What do these all have in common? They are all dangerous.. Even if they seem cute and friendly, they aren't. They could be anyone, they make fake profiles to get your attention to either meet up or get pictures. The reason could be anything really, but keep in mind all they will do is hurt you. If you see a request or message from someone you don't know and they make you feel uncomfortable , DO NOT REPLY TO IT... Don't give any personal information out to anyone you don't know.. PLEASE like it's common sense
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Have you ever said someone not so nice to someone online? Talk gossip? Spread rumors? Get these done to yourself? Yeah.... That cyberbullying bruh. Sending rude and mean messages to people is not even cool? Like it really does hurt when someone get these.. It's not funny and doesn't make you any better. If you get any form of cyberbullying please report it BECAUSE IT IS ILLEGAL LIKE BET YOU DIDNT KNOW THAT.
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Nothing you send truly goes away....

Remember that embarrassing picture you posted a while back? And you deleted it so no one will ever see you as a loser. Well it's not really gone. Everything you send is always saved and locked away. That means pictures, texts, anything. What you do now WILL effect your future.
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Places you shouldn't go to..

The internet could be used for many things such as help for homework, reading, and for studying. But you could easily get sidetracked into going to other apps and sites. This can lead to overuse and it can become an addiction. So limit yourself to only the things you need to be looking at.
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Fake websites / Scams

The internet is full of fake facts and information. Don't trust everything you see. Also don't trust ads that say "YOU HAVE WON A FREE IPAD" or anything like that because these are scams made only to hurt you. So be careful.. Now go have fun on the internet!!!!!!!!!!!
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