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I hope you had a blessed Christmas with your friends and family! My Christmas was wonderful, but I was excited to welcome the students back to school this week! We have so much learning yet to do!!

The students and I rang in the New Year by celebrating our reading successes! Many students showed growth in DIBELS assessment and in AR Goals! I'm so proud!

We also took some time to reflect on last year and set goals for 2015. Each student chose one word that would guide them in the new year. Check our New Year "One Word" Resolutions out below, as well as important events and your child's homework responsibilities for this week.

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Soon, your child will bring home their scheduled time for conferences. (This will be the same time of your Fall conference) We understand schedules change from season to season, so we are more than willing to make changes. Please contact the school if the scheduled time will not work for you. Thank you.

Monday, February 8 - 2:00 Dismissal (4-7 Conferences)

Tuesday, February 9 - 2:00 Dismissal (4-7 Conferences)

Wednesday, February 10 - 2:00 Dismissal (No Conferences)

Thursday, February 11 - 11:30 Dismissal (1-4 Conferences)

Friday, February 12 - NO SCHOOL!


The students are doing a fantastic job completing their weekly homework. Each day the students are assigned 30 math problems in class. As the math concepts get more difficult the students might be bringing home more homework. Please assist your child with any questions they might have on their daily work.

Here are the lessons we will cover this week:

Monday - Investigation 6 - Displaying Data Using Graphs

Tuesday - Lesson 61: Remaining Fractions / Two Step Equations

Wednesday - Lesson 62: Multiplying Three or More Factors / Exponents

Thursday - Lesson 63: Exponents

Friday - Test 11

Also, please encourage a few minutes of daily math fact practice! and are fantastic websites to sharpen those skills!


Please continue to check in with your fourth grader on their Accelerated Reader progress. All students need to be reading for 20 minutes each night. We took time this week to set 3rd Quarter AR goals. Ask your child about their latest goals!

Also, stay connected with the skills, strategies, and stories we are learning in our Reading Program. Click the link to login - ConnectED McGraw-Hill Reading Series

(Your child will need to login with their unique username and password)

This week our class will focus on the advances of science. We will discuss how science can sometimes be both helpful and harmful.

Weekly Concept: Feeding the World

Essential Question: In what ways can advances in science be helpful or harmful?

Grammar: Main and Helping Verbs

Genre: Biography

Comprehension Skills: Author's Point of View

Comprehension Strategy: Reread

Vocabulary Skill: Synonyms and Antonyms


I forgot to send the home the spelling menus today! Students are required to study Unit 3 - Week 5 words. Four activities are due by Friday.


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