The Columbian Exchange

APPLES, Malus domestica

The Effects of Apples

The spread of apples through the Columbian Exchange caused apples to rise immensely in popularity. The transference of apples brought a new plant species and tree species to the Americas. Apples began to be grown and sold in mass numbers, starting a commercial side of apple growing in the 18th century. Apples were also known for their health benefits and good taste.

Apples originated in the area of what is present day Turkey

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Examples of apples in culture

  1. "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." In the new world apples came to symbolize good health and wellbeing. This was incorporated into culture of the new world and remains so today
  2. The introduction of apples to the new world changed the culture because it decreased the reliance of colonials on the Europeans. This opened up a whole new economy and culture of apples and apple products, which grew in popularity in the new world.