The Eklin Journal

February 19, 2016

Mark Your Calendars

Feb. 24- Late Start Wednesday

Feb 29- Reading Month Kick-off (Look for the book on this day)

March 1- Donuts with Dad (A-M)

March 2- Donuts with Dad (N-Z)

March 4- S.O.C.K.S. Day

March 9- Late Start Wednesday


Serving Our Community Kids Style is just around the corner. In 2 weeks we will have a day filled with service. Third graders are partnered with Meals on Wheels to provide muffin treats, cheerful notes, and colorful student-made magnets for our senior friends.

Please sign up below if you are able to donate cupcake size muffins. All nut-free and seed-free muffins are appreciated.

Reading News

We have just started our Mystery reading unit. The children will be reading in small book clubs and will read two books in a mystery series. The children will learn the vocabulary of mysteries (victim, suspect, red herring, detective and side kick, etc along with the basics of book club etiquette. This week the children browsed many book options and selected other mystery books to add to their free read book bins.

Writing News

This week the children started glossaries for their non fiction book. A minimum of 5 words is expected. They also wrote introductions to their books. The introduction has a grabber lead and invites readers to read the rest of the book.

Math News

Students practiced more distributive method equations completing a math challenge called "Family Reunion". The children solved a math problem requiring seating for 36 people and two different types of tables. The solution was then written into an equation using parentheses. Thursday we studied how the distributive method can help make hard multiplication facts easier. Students took a difficult multiplication fact (like 9x7) and broke it into 2 easier problems using facts they know (such as 9x5 and 9x2) and added them together.

Science News

Sounds all around! We introduced the sound unit with the concept of sound discrimination. The children are learning to name properties of sound and practicing telling objects apart by the sound they make when dropped. Our labs this week included the Drop Challenge and Drop Codes. Children used sounds to send coded messages to each other.

Social Studies News from Mrs. Boewe

The study of government continued this week. They learned about the Constitution and Declaration of Independence on Wednesday and looked in to what it means to live in a republic on Thursday.

Spelling News

No spelling this week due to the shortened week. Look for a new list in planners on Monday.

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