Movie Wardrobe Designer

Jackson Owen


A movie wardrobe designer researches clothes based on movie scripts and creates designs to fit the time of the movie. Their average salary per year is $64,030.

Below is an example of a movie wardrobe designer's work.

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Education Requirements

No formal education is required to become a movie wardrobe designer. However, a bachelor's degree in costume design is helpful when trying to get a job. This helps you obtain knowledge on costume design.In college, you should try to create costumes for school productions, which gives you training for a real production.

Training Requirements

To become a movie wardrobe designer, you should become an intern for at least a few months in costume design at a regional theater or other venue. Here you can learn under the supervision of an experienced movie wardrobe designer.
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Work Experience Requirements

To be a movie wardrobe designer, there is no work experience required. However, the more experience you have, the better movies you will get to work on.

Why I Want This Job

I want this job because it would be fun to create the clothes for a movie. It would also be fun to be on the set of a movie. When your work is done, it will be satisfying knowing that everyone will see your work on the big screen when the movie comes out.