Mrs. Dina's Kindergarten

Week of April 20th - 24th

Earth Day

We celebrated Earth Day on Wednesday, April 22nd. We discussed all the different ways we can help the Earth. We can recycle, pick up litter, don't litter, turn off lights when not in use, limit water in showers, and plant a garden. We read many books, made our own books, and we even recycled our own garbage. We sorted our trash into 4 groups in order to recycle. We had an aluminum bin, a glass bin, a paper bin, and a plastic bin. Your children had to put all the trash in the proper bins. We also discussed the ways that we can recycle or re-use our garbage. Please continue to discuss and encourage recycling at home. As a fun way to celebrate Earth Day, we made our very own mud pie!

Kinder - Mart

We made our very own store in kindergarten! We have been learning about coins for the past month. We have sorted coins, counted coins, and analyzed coins. To reinforce everything we have learned, we made our very own store. Every child received coins which they had to practice counting in order to realize how much money they had. With the money they had, they bought various things throughout the classroom that were for sale. We had candy, pencils, erasers, stickers, book marks, play dough and various other items were for sale. Once your children counted their money, they went shopping. Children also took turns being our cashier! It was so much fun and your children are learning so much along the way!

Lice Prevention

It's been an interesting week at school! Thank you so much for your cooperation during the past week. We have done everything possible to control the lice situation. We have thoroughly cleaned our classroom, vaccumed everything possible, and got rid of our bean bags, dress-up clothes, and dolls. Tomorrow, we we do another lice check to be sure all children are lice free. We have respected everyone's privacy and have been reassuring children that this is not dangerous just a nusense. Please be sure to keep checking your children at home on a daily basis and report any findings.

Field Trip

We are going on a field trip to the Kohl Children's Museum on Wednesday, May 6th. We will be needing 3-4 chaperones. Please let me know, as soon as possible, if you have signed up for a field trip and are willing to chaperone We will leave school at 9:00am, so please to not be late. We should return back to school by 1:30pm. We will be eating lunch at the museum, so please be sure to pack a disposable lunch and water bottle. Please include a snack. Children are to wear their uniforms on the field trip. The fee is $10 per person. Information and permission slips were sent home last week. Please be sure to submit all forms and payments this week.

Congratulations to our Star Student!

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Show and Tell

A Look Ahead...

Thursday, April 30th

Science Fair

I hope those that are participating in this year's Science Fair have been working on their projects this weekend. Please arrive at school with your child's science project on Thursday Morning. You may help your child set up his/her project in the multipurpose room. We will have 3 judges that will judge each project. All students in kindergarten will win a first, second, or third place medal. You will be able to bring all science projects home on Friday, May 1st. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Friday, May 1st

Show and Tell

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