February 2016

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I am so excited to announce #MakeupMonday!! Every Monday in February, we are providing luxe gifts with purchase, expert video tutorials, and step-by-step application tips! For today only, purchase any Color Shade Eye Duo and receive a FREE Precision Brush ($23 value). Spend $200 and receive a FREE Rose Neroli Body Oil ($73 value)! Each Monday we will have a different gift :) I can't wait to see what the next ones are!!
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Today I wanted to talk to you all about heavy metals in cosmetics. Exposure to heavy metals in cosmetics is an important piece of the environmental health puzzle. For the most part, cosmetics companies are not intentionally using heavy metals as ingredients in their products. However, heavy metals are frequently found in makeup because they contaminate the colorants that companies use. Whether those colorants are natural ingredients that come from the earth (where heavy metals are present at random and may attach to the intentionally mined ingredients), or whether they are synthetic, heavy metal contamination seems to be common in a wide range of makeup products.
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Even small amounts of heavy metals are concerning. But because heavy metals are are ubiquitous, it is impossible to avoid them all together. For this reason, we have set extremely low "allowable levels". For the most dangerous heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic) we often have ZERO or "NO DETECT" levels, and have set our allowable levels below 2 parts per million. This is a strict standard in an industry that normally does not test for contamination or set any limits.
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Valentine's Day Gift Sets!!

I <3 our new Valentine's Day gift sets!! Do you have one that's caught your eye for Valentine's Day? I'm happy to get in touch with your honey and make shopping easy for them!!

The Best of Mini is perfect for traveling!!

On the note of traveling......
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I am so excited that later this month, I am going to HOTlanta for Beautycounter's second annual Leadership Summit!! I can't wait to share everything that I've learned with you all!! I know Beautycounter has some exciting things headed our way in 2016!!

A Note On the Charcoal Bar!!

My bars FINALLY came in today!!! If you requested a sample, it will be heading your way this week!! Want to try a sample? Let me know and I'll send you one!! It has been a huge hit!!

Thank you all for allowing me the privilege of being your Beautycounter consultant! I love sharing safe beauty with you all. Cheers to February, and have a wonderful month!!