The American Dream

poster for Mrs.Andrus

What does the American Dream mean to me ?

To me the American Dream is to reach the goals you've set for yourself and not let anyone bring you down. To stay positive and believe that what you've always dreamed for could come true and isn't only a dream.To prove that you could make it in life and we should always work hard for what we want and we believe. <3
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The Great Gatsby

Is about a woman named Daisy who's in love with two men at the same time. She confused, doesn't know whether to stay with the Tom Buchannan her rich wealthy husband. Or Gatsby, who she has always loved but appeared to late? Will she stay with her family or go back to her teenage love ?
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The crucible

The crucible is a story about some girls that were caught doing witchcraft. They would deny it and blame it on other women from the village. Many people were hanged and killed for being blamed of doing witchcraft when they didn't. Will the main girl that started it, Abigail, say the truth or let innocent people get killed.

The Scarlet Letter

This story is about a woman named Hester that believes her husband is dead. She hasn't seen him for years and tries to move on. She had an affair with another man and got pregnant. The members of the village were going to kill her but instead decided to punish her. She has to wear a big A on her chest for adultery. The question is who's the father ?

Young goodman brown

This story shows how a man

Raisin In The Sun

Death of a salesman