White oak river basin

River basin project, Mr.B 8th grade By: Allison & Gwyn


  • Location- Wilmington N.C
  • Size- 1,264 square miles
  • Population- 336,210 according to the U.S census
  • camp legeune (marine corps base)
  • croatan national forest
  • outter banks
  • swansboro
  • jacksonville


residential areas-excess Fertilizer, herbicides, and intestisides

storm drains- rain water that runs into the storm drains is transferred to the river basin

absolute run off (point source)- water from a specific mountain range

waste water problems at camp legune (point sorce)- the water from this marine base runs into the river basin, the base has been having waste problems in the water which can cause problems involving the water in the basin.

one solution to water waste would be to clean up the water- placing filters in the water at the marine base or in the storm drains could potentially make the water cleaner

Another solution could be- alerting the residential areas asking them to cut excess use of fertilizer, herbicides, and intesticides.