Jan. 3, 2019


Jefferson students recently completed the curling unit in PE, and they had a lot of fun in the process. Students learned vocabulary unique to this sport, watched short video clips of World Class curlers, examined some of the equipment used by local curlers, and then put their new knowledge into practice using modified curling "stones" and "houses" made for gym floors. In the end the students showed great excitement, and intense focus, as seen in the photos below.

Climb to Feed Kids - A Great Way to Support Our Community

The annual Climb to Feed Kids event on the MSU-Mankato campus will be taking place this Sunday, January 6. It's an amazing community event benefiting an organization that supports over 900 elementary students in the Greater Mankato Area. To learn more about the organization and what they do for our community, click here:

Feeding our Community Partners

To donate to the team of Jefferson staff members participating in the event, click here: Jefferson Jaguars


Drop Off and Pick-Up:

A.M. Drop-Off: Parents who drive their children to school should drop them off between 7:50 - 8:05 using the loop at the south end of the Jefferson campus. Use Fairfield Avenue to access the Pick-Up / Drop-Off loop. Please DO NOT drop students off at the main entrance before 8:05.

P.M. Pick-Up: Between 2:45 - 3:00 parents should use the loop accessible from Fairfield Avenue to pick up their children. Please DO NOT use the front parking lot / main entrance at this time. Reducing traffic in our main parking lot immediately after dismissal creates a safer situation for our students riding buses and walking home.

After 3:00 (or once the line of cars is through the pick-up loop shortly after 3:00) students who have yet to be picked up will be walked to the office to wait for their rides. Parents then need to park in the main lot and come to the office to get their children.

Late Start Sign-Up:

In an effort to minimize the amount of paper coming home to you, we are moving to an electronic sign-up for parents who bring their children to school at the normal start time on scheduled monthly Late Start days. (*IMPORTANT* - This is NOT a service we are able to offer on days that are late starts due to weather.) Jeri shared the link below via email and text on Tuesday, Jan. 2. Please click on the following link, if you haven't done so already, to very quickly register for AM Late Start childcare on Jan. 8 if you plan to bring your child to school at the normal start time. Jan. 8 Late Start Sign-Up

Gym Shoes:

How well do your child's gym shoes fit? Rapidly growing feet have some of our students "feeling the pinch" at this time of the year. Mrs. Henke wants to remind everyone how important it is for kids to have properly fitting shoes for PE. Please check with your children to ensure they have appropriate and comfortable shoes to wear in the gym in 2019!


With winter weather comes the possibility of school cancellations or early releases. Here are a few reminders about the procedures involved if an early release from school due to weather is announced.

  • Every family completed either a paper "Snow Emergency" release form or they indicated their Snow Emergency preferences on the Parent Portal at the beginning of the school year. Parents designated whether their child(ren) will take the bus, walk, or be picked up in the event of an early release. We will follow what parents indicated on the Portal or wrote on those Snow Emergency forms. We encourage you to double-check what you indicated on the Parent Portal in case things have changed for your family.
  • If an early release announcement is made, PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL to ask if we are getting out early. We need to keep our phone lines open for emergency purposes. An early release announcement due to weather for Mankato Area Public Schools applies to all elementary, middle, and high schools. If you are unsure whether you saw or heard the message correctly, please tune in to local radio stations or call the SCHOOL CLOSING HOTLINE: 507-386-4777. You can also click on this link: Weather Related Information to learn more about how to keep yourself informed regarding school decisions around weather.
  • If you come to pick up your child(ren) during an early release, please use the parent pick-up loop at the south end of the building. As it is every day, it's very important we keep the main parking lot at the front entrance free of traffic. This is especially crucial in bad weather where our buses need a little extra room to maneuver.


For tips, suggestions, and activities families can use to help students improve as readers, click on a link to the January issue of Building Readers below.

January Building Readers (English)

January Building Readers (Spanish)


The next PTO meeting will take place on Tuesday, January 8th at 5:30 PM. Please consider attending a meeting and helping make this another great year for students thanks to the work of an amazing parent group.



- PTO Meeting at 5:30 PM

Jan. 21 - NO SCHOOL - Teacher Workshop Day