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3rd.4th.5th Grade

Practice saying your musical alphabet from memory:


Say your sayings we’ve learned in music class to help you remember the five notes which

have a staff line going through them. Place your finger on the correct staff line as you say the saying.

(Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge) Then place your finger on the the four spaces and spell the word we

Use to remember the treble clef notes which sit on one of the four spaces. FACE.

You May Also Choose Any Of The Following:

  • Spend some time in prayer
  • Read about Jesus and/or the Saints
  • Play a game (non-electronic)
  • Do something kind for a sibling
  • Help your parents or grandparents
  • Eat together as a family

Contact your teachers below

Mrs. Grogg - Art Teacher

Mrs. Eckert - Tech Teacher

Mrs. Brinker - PE Teacher

Mrs. Shumacker - Music Teacher