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Tuesday night Sheriff Tate was called by Bob Ewell that his daughter, Mayella, was raped by Tom Robinson. Bob Ewell saw him in his house on top of Mayella.

Bob Ewell stated “I was walking home from the woods when I saw through the window. Tom Robinson on my girl Mayella. I ran through the door to catch him but by the time I got to the room he was gone, out the other door.” Sheriff Heck Tate was then called to the scene and the man hunt for Tom Robinson was on.

“It wasn’t too long before I found Mr. Robinson. He was walking down the street, back to his home when I first saw him. He tried running but, to out run me well I would like to see that. I then took him into custody and drove him to jail.”

The trial of Tom Robinson will be early next week.

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Snow fell down early Thursday morning. By the time most of us woke up there was at least 2-3 inches on the ground.

We woke up Thursday morning to 2- 3 inches of snow on the ground. First time it snowed for a long time. Weather experts say this snow came down with the cold front passing through, but was even a surprise to them that it actually snowed.

“I cannot believe that they still have their jobs. They should have to pay a huge fine for the miss prediction. Because of them all my flowers died. All my hard work and preparation for this summer’s grow is wasted.” Maudie Atkinson furiously.

“I have never actually seen snow before. It is the most wonderful thing in the whole wide world. My brother and I have been playing in it since way early this morning. We are actually working on a snow man right now as we speak.” Said Scout Finch.

Weather experts say the snow shall be gone for the remainder of the week. With highs into the 70s and 80s till Friday, then small rain showers here and there for the weekend.


Early Thursday night fire was blazing from the house of Maudie Atkinson. The fire chief does not know how the fire was set a blaze, but an investigation will be set up to find out.

" I do not know how this would happen to me. This day is literally the worst. First all my flowers die because of the wrongful predictions of the weather men, then my house starts on fire. I lost everything. Everything I worked so hard for is in there. At least I have my great neighbor Atticus Finch, who volunteered to take me in.

Atticus Finch says "Its the least I can do for a great neighbor like Ms. Maudie. She is always there for the community by helping our everywhere, the church, soup kitchen, and the elderly neighbors. I know our community and we will help her out in this time of need. To donate money to Ms. Maudie you can go by the court house there will be a donation jar there."

The court house hours are from 8am- 6pm to donate.

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Letter to the editor

I am not happy at all how Atticus lets his kids just run around town disturbing everything. They just run through everyone's yard it destroy it. The cops should put a stop to this. -not a happy person

well, not a happy person, Atticus does have control of his kids and yes they shouldn't run through other's property, but if you really have a problem you should speak to Mr. Finch before going to the authorities.

Letter to the editor

I need some advice on how to get my sister to stop controlling me and my children. She came into live with us for a few weeks, but now it is turning into months. How should I tell her that my family needs some space? -bothered brother

Well, bothered brother, this one is hard. I know she is family but sometimes people do need some space so they can do what they want to with their families. I would just sit her down and explain to her the situation that you and your children just need some space.

USA stands TALL

The United States now has the worlds tallest building, The Empire State Building.

The Empire State building opened its doors Yesterday, May 1, 1931. The building stands at a enormise height of 1,250 feet tall.

Since 1889 Paris has been taugnting American architics by the Eiffel tower. Which was the worlds tallest building at 984 feet. American builders then decided to beat the record and so they bought a piece of property on the corner of 34th street and 5th Avenue to build their skyscraper.

They started building and within 2 years the project was finished and opened to public.

"This monument of structure will be here for ages and generations to wow at. I believe that tourists from all over the land will climb the stairs on this building and look out on her view." states John Jakob Raskob.