Friday Focus

Miller Mavericks Ride with Pride

Chase away the winter blue...


We appreciate you!

Starting next week, staff members who have perfect attendance for the previous week will be able to wear jeans on the following Monday! FOR THIS FIRST WEEK ONLY, we will be utilizing the staff absence list, however, next week we will randomly choose a day using our Raptor data! Please make sure you are swiping in and Raptoring in EACH AND EVERY DAY so you can start each week in jeans!

This weeks Perfect Attendance "Beat the Blue" Jeans Winners are:

  • Stacy Frenchwood
  • Jenice Kennedy
  • Patrice Gray
  • Femeka Glenn
  • Marilyn Rogers
  • Rosa Blanco
  • Tom Cundiff
  • Martha Cuthbert
  • Kimberly DeMoss
  • Belinda Denley
  • Janice Ford
  • Eric Holmes
  • April Johnson
  • Mary Rivera
  • Victor Rodriguez
  • Courtney Young
  • Tiffany Bolufemi
  • Pam Bone
  • Earl Bushman
  • Nicole Keller
  • Christine Bann
  • Mary Edwards
  • Jeffry Gegogeine
  • Mary Beth Melvyn
  • Rene Mentillo
  • Debra Ponce de Leon
  • Melissa Reynolds
  • Kevin Yager
  • Johnathan Barris
  • Jason Boyd
  • Kelley Fletcher
  • Katie Gonzalez
  • Robert Green
  • Monica Gutierrez
  • Caryn Gurt
  • William Jones
  • Tina Krenek
  • Natasha McCarty
  • Israel Murillo
  • Jaimie Salerno
  • Dorothy Taylor
  • Angela Trueheart
  • Lindell Ware
  • Sarah Watson
  • Gabriela Ysunza
  • Jim Adams
  • Lauren Britton
  • Melissa Chalupsky
  • Steve Covele
  • Marlon Franklin
  • Amina Guido
  • Kimberly Harris
  • Dorian Hopkins
  • Ebony Kennedy
  • Mary Martin
  • Braulio Melendez
  • David Mikel
  • Valeria Pineda
  • Carlous Smith
  • Jarred Taylor
  • Brittney Barnes
  • Mary Chizer-Sneed
  • Genia Choate
  • Agnes Lam
  • Palmira Llorens
  • Laura Martinez
  • Rossalind McCarter
  • Gladys Ofili
  • Rhonda Pecheux
  • Emma Pryor
  • Carol Sanders
  • Daisy Sapp
  • Kathy Self
  • Eunice Telsee
  • Hannah Wey
  • Shila Mahajan

Enjoy your jeans day on Tuesday!

Try this out...

Recently, ELA/SS teachers from across the district got together for their Winter Lead Teacher Meeting at Elsik High School. A major theme of the day was incorporating Document-Based Questioning or DBQ's in social studies and across content areas. DBQ's rely on the following five principles:

  1. All Students Need to Learn How to Think
  2. Learning to Think Requires Practice
  3. Thinking is Hard Work
  4. Thinking is Clarified by Writing
  5. Thinking is for Everyone

Currently, our high schools are utilizing DBQ's, but they're really a best practice for everyone! Take a minute to check out The DBQ Project and try one out in your classroom. Ask your social studies lead for links to lessons that have already been created by teachers within our district!

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Monday's Schedule

7:45: Arrival time for coffee and donuts

8:00-9:00 AVID

9:00-10:00 TECH

10:00-10:15 Break

10:15-11:15 DCA Procedures and STAAR Security Training

11:15-12:45 Lunch

12:45-2:45 TELPAS

***Please arrive on time, so we can end on time***

Important Dates to Remember

Monday 2/15/16

Teacher Work Day/No School for Students

See above schedule

Tuesday 2/16/16

6th Grade SIOP EPT

Book Fair Opens

Wednesday 2/17/16

5th Grade SIOP EPT

5th Grade Math CCA

6th Grade Math Content Prep

Biometric Screenings

Team Baskets for Auction due to Genia

Thursday 2/18/16

6th Grade Science MCA

6th Grade Math CCA

5th Grade Math Content Prep

Miller Content Night 6-7:30

Progress Reports Go Home

Friday 2/19/16

Have a Great Weekend!

Saturday 2/20/16

GEMS--Field Trip to HMNS

Miller Learning Academy

Miller Cheerleader Competition

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Attention Mighty Milers!

Please wear your t-shirts for a picture on Monday at 8:00!