Colonial Creativity!

What we learned this week in Social Studies

Weaving and Writing by Candlelight

This week we read about Colonial Life and "wove" together the supporting details that we found to make a strong main idea. The students were quite happy with their Main Idea Mats! Then the students read their own articles and wrote letters in groups by fake candlelight to show their summary skills! They wrote on parchment paper with makeshift quills to get the full colonial experience.

Why Did the Patriots Wear Blue?

In the main story we read to find supporting details we learned about a young girl named Eliza. She worked with her father and plants before he was called off for the war effort. Eliza loved to experiment with plants and one day she discovered that one of her plants could produce an indigo dye! She sent this news to her father and before she knew it her discovery became the color of patriotism in the Revolutionary War!