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Dealing with itching

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Who is Kyle Leon - The doctor will examine the skin for the presence of corridors and scabies mites. The latter attempt is made ​​to control for research. Out with a needle, the small passages in the skin with the naked eye. Because the scabies mite is preferably resides in the skin in body folds the hallways there can best be found. Scabies is almost never seen on the face or on the scalp. Are also seen red itchy bumps instead of corridors? Especially in the armpits and buttocks

In small children are not always the most striking passages. If there are frequent of red bumps that may occur. All over the body to them especially in these cases, a scab infection sometimes mistaken for eczema or hives

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Where'd you get it?

The scabies mite is transmitted only after intensive contact between people. Just shake the hand of a scab carrier for example, is not enough to walk. Mite on Sometimes infection occurs by sleeping in bed with unwashed bedding which previously with scabies infected person is located. Scab has nothing to do with poor hygiene.

There can sometimes be a period of several weeks lie between infection and the development of the first symptoms. Because scabies is highly contagious is the disease may have already been transferred to other people between the time of infection and the first symptoms.see more