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Principal's Newsletter - MacNaughton's Minutes

Welcome Back to School!!

Dear Morris Knolls Community,

I hope you are healthy, safe, and ready to tackle this unique and challenging school year!

We are about to embark on a journey through uncharted territory, as we address the multitude of issues associated with COVID-19. I am sure that many of you are nervous and uncertain about what the future holds, but I can assure you that together we will overcome this challenge.

Our theme for the school year is “Protect The Nest” Golden Eagles protect their young from the elements and predators by protecting their nest. For the 2020 - 2021 school year, we must protect our nest, Morris Knolls. We can do this by following the safety measures we have put in place, making smart decisions, supporting each other, and demonstrating a resilient spirit.

We will need to work together, as a school community, to create solutions to problems and scenarios that we have never faced before.We must support each other and take every step necessary to get us back to the Golden Eagle Way of Life.

I wish you all a safe and successful school year!!

Included in this newsletter are many resources to help you successfully start the new school year.

Feel free to reach out with any concerns or questions you might have. You can reach me anytime at

With Golden Eagle Pride,

Ryan MacNaughton


Protect the Nest - MK Comes Back Stronger!!

Inspiring Eagle story

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We are looking for 100% participation to help "Protect the Nest!"

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Morris Knolls Launches New Mobile App!

MHRD Mobile App Trailer 2020
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COVID-19 Screening Certification

Parents must complete the form below, certifying that you will screen your child for symptoms of COVID-19 and will keep your child home if any of the criteria are met.

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Attendance Procedures

In an effort to maintain accurate attendance records, please abide by the following procedures and protocol:

  • Students should adhere to their schedule (either in-person or Zoom) each day.

  • If a student is not feeling well enough to attend school, the parent should notify the Attendance Office immediately at 973.664.2229 or

    • Parents should let the Attendance Office know if their student is well enough to participate in Zoom classes or if they will be absent for the day.

    • If they are well enough to participate virtually, students should email their teachers to inform them they have followed the proper protocol for the day. This way teachers will know to look for them in the Zoom session.

    • This system is in place to safeguard our health and should not be utilized by students who do not feel like attending their in-person classes.

  • Please remember that teachers take attendance (in-person and in Zoom sessions) each block so it is imperative that your student be an active participant throughout the day.

  • Please be mindful of our ten-minute rule. If students are absent (either in-person or not visible in the Zoom session) for more than 10 minutes of a class, then they will be marked ABSENT for the entire class.

  • Tardies are also counted as half of an absence. We realize that this first week has been challenging for all: as a result, we will remove all tardies from Aspen for this first week.

If you have any other specific questions regarding attendance policies/ procedures please click on the link below.

Zoom Classroom Rules For Students


➢ #1 Rule - RESPECT that learning is happening here. Be kind and respectful to others! Remember that all school rules apply to online sessions.

➢ Try to find a place in your home that will not have a lot of background distractions during class. This will help our online classroom lessons go more smoothly & quietly, but preferably, not your bedroom.

➢ Once you find the place to work, prepare the area with the necessities for each class, be organized and ready for class.

➢ Be on time for meetings ➢ Everyone will be muted when class begins. ➢ Please turn OFF your microphone when you are NOT talking. It should be red.

➢ Please turn your video on, teachers need to see each student for the duration of the Zoom class period.

Reminder - All Students Must Pay Their Yearly Chromebook Fee on MySchoolBucks - Click on Video Below for Directions:

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FULL VIRTUAL STUDENTS - Remember to Pick Up Your Textbook/Supplies - Any time Monday - Friday 8 AM - 2 PM

Morris Knolls Live Streams School Events!!

NFHS Athletic Streaming

Morris Knolls High School is proud to announce our continued partnership with the NFHS Network to broadcast our Golden Eagle athletic contests and school wide events LIVE. We have invested in new technology that will bring you every game or event from Caruso Stadium and the Gene Kelly Gymnasium LIVE online. That means that if you or family members can’t make it to the game or school event, the live action can be watched from anywhere on your phone, tablet, computer or smart TV.

The NFHS Network will help showcase our primary mission of expanding participation and opportunities for involvement in education-based interscholastic sports and activities. The Morris Hills Regional School district has paid for memberships for all of our families and joining the NFHS Network and subscribing for unlimited access is a simple process.

Just follow these simple steps!

1. Go to

2. Enter Morris Knolls in the search box. This will bring you the free site for your Golden Eagle broadcasts.

3. Click “Follow” so you can stay up to date on all upcoming Morris Knolls broadcasted events.

Thank you for your continued support of Morris Knolls High School. We look forward to bringing you top notch broadcasts of our events!

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  • 9/14 Virtual Freshmen Parent Night @ 7:00 PM
  • 9/14 Fall Sports Resume
  • 9/16 Virtual Teen Safety Driving Program @ 7:00 PM
  • 9/16, 9/17 Make-Up Senior Portraits 7:30 - 2:30 PM - Make Appointment with Lors Photography
  • 9/22 Virtual Senior College Application Presentation @ 7:00 PM
  • 9/28 - School Closed - Yom Kippur