Civilizations in Mesoamerica

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Agriculture not only help olmec it also hurt it?

The way Olmec's farm was quite different from our way of farming, but also healthier, what they did was that the crops that overgrown they burned and used the ashes as a fertilizer. The main crops that they farmed was squash, beans, manioc, sweet potatoes and tomatoes. What they also did was fishing by nearby lakes and rivers and eat clams, alligators, and different types of fishes. But all the farming they did could have been destroyed by natural disasters for example whater floods, or a volcano eruption.

King's ruled the world?

King's did not actually ruled the world, but each city-states had their own ruler in the Maya government. The king, priests, and nobles had a very important job in those times but they had many rules like the " normal" people could not see the king's face or talk to him, if you want to be a king you needed to be the oldest son of the king, and in case there wasn’t a boy sometimes girls could be "king's", if you murdered someone they could kill you or be a slave, they also shaved your head for people to know that you did something against the rules.

Did aztecs really belived in that?

Aztecs believe in many things for example the end of the world, the religion was focused to keep nature in balance, they also thought that every 52 years there will be the end of the world, they had gods like animals and humans, they believed in reincarnation, they also said that depending how you died is how Important you will be in after life.

What have people found about the toltecs?

Archeologists have found different buildings from the Toltec’s for example marketplace, temples, ball courts, palaces, storehouses and many more. The archeologists have been more concentrated in Tula where they had found many types of buildings. But obviously there are many other places where the archeologists go to investigate.

Geography of the beautiful Teotihuacan.

Many people says that Teotihuacan is the most beautiful place in Mexico, but do you really think that? Teotihuacan has been inhabited in 500 B.C. But started constructing until 1 B.C. The name of Teotihuacan was named buy the people who started building that means City of gods or where men become gods. But suddenly at approximately 700 A.D. the people just disappeared from there and the predictions are that maybe there wasn’t food any more. Do you really think Teotihuacan is beautiful?

Language, codices, and artwork from the Mixtecs why so difficult?

Actually is difficult because you don’t speak their language but it is very complex because it has about 60 different languages for Mixtecs. The Mixtecs were known by creating jewelry, with gold, they also made many faces. Mixtecs always wrote codices and pictures in a "book", they did that because that was their type of writing.