Virtual Resume

By. Destini Porter-McLeod

Smart Goals

S- my goal is too be more focus in school, not getting distracted by my friends or classmates so I can pass all my classes and graduate.

M- The methods I will use is to not sit beside my friends because I will not be focused on the class work and miss important information. If my classmates are to loud I will ask the teacher if I can go to a quitter place and do my work. If I do sit beside my friends I will put on my headphones and listen to music because when I listing to music and do my work I can do it faster and be more focused because there are no distractions.

A-The step that I would take are, when I come in class if I can I will take a 5 minute break before I start doing my classwork. When I take a break before I start I can refresh my head and not be rushed or thinking about my last class so that I can focus on my work. The second step I would take is to always try and ask questions so I can have a better understanding of what I am doing so I can do my work. Having clear understand of work is good because you know what you are doing at times and you can also be very focused and doing your work without any interruptions. The third step I would do is going to the recourse room to do my work. The recourse room is a room in the school where you go to get extra help. I am an IEP student and I have and IEP teacher so I would usually go into that room and get extra help or extras time to do my work and it is very quite in that room so I will not have any distractions while I am doing my work. My last step is I would go to COY after school for extra help in my school work and get my grades up.

R- This goal is important to me because I know how important education is in life because education is the key to success and life. If you don't have no education then you can get a good job, house, car or anything else you would want in life. Also education is very important because I am a black women and for anyone else who is black, black people were treated very baldly and different for their skin colour and was not allowed to have to same opportunities as white people in the world. Still today black people are treated differently and it is still had to get the right education or the right jobs because of your skin color.

T- A smaller goal if I can not achieve that smart goal in time my other goal is to pass one of my classes by the end of the school year as an Honor student.

Volunteer SMART goals

s: For volunteer I would want to volunteer at a hospital and finish my 40hrs by the end of grade 10

M:The methods I would use for volunteering at a hospital is during march break or any long weekend get into the hospital and work but don't get paid and they sign the sheet saying I did my hours. Also sometimes if I cant volunteer at the hospital to do my hours I will volunteer at my church and help out because that is a place where I go and pray for god.

A:The steps I would do is before I volunteer at the hospital or church I would do a couple of hours at school. The second step is to at least finish my 40 hours at the hospital or church so I have experience for what I want to do in the future and that is being an RN nurse in the ER room.

R:This goal is important to me because in the real world you need to know what you are doing to get paid and once I have at least volunteered a couple of times at the hospital when I get my job I will know what to do and could get a very good pay.

T:A smaller goal is to volunteer at school for my 40hrs to graduate

RN Nurse Resume


Have strong skills, volunteering skills, lots of education, active person I am looking for a challenge in the Emergency RN that will help me


  • Ryerson University

Bachelor degree in Nursing,

Toronto, ON

September 2021- June 2023

  • Humber College

bridge program,

September 2020- June 2021

Toronto ON

  • Humber College

Practical Nursing,

Toronto, ON

September 2018- May 2020

  • Louise Arbour Secondary School

OSSD, Grade 12

Brampton ON

September 2014- June 2018

Work Experience

  • Banking part time


January 2017- June 2017

  • 2 Credit Co-Op

Brampton Civic Hospital


January 2017-June 2017


  • Workshop
Test Taking
March 2016-April 2016

  • Workshop
Time Management
March 2016- April 2017

  • Tutoring
October 2015- January 2016
February 2016- June 2016

  • Counting On You
January 2016- June 2016

Counting On You

January 2016- June 2016

Counting On You


October 2015-December 2015

  • Tap

June 2013 - Present

  • Ballet
June 2005- Present

  • Private Vocal Training
October 2013- February 2016

  • Bucket Drumming
September 2011- June 2013

  • Choir
September 2011- June 2013

Skills and Abilities

  • Listening skills

  • Dedication for learning

  • Strong work ethic

  • Teamwork

  • Willingness to keep learning

  • Positive attitude and behavior


  • Music Award

December 2013

  • Music award

December 2014

  • Shine Award

November 2013

Hobbies and Interests

  • My hobbies are singing,dancing,artistic. My interest are singing program, dance and Helping people

Volunteer Experience

  • Helping the church


Toronto, ON

July 2015 - March 2016


  • Mr. Neil, Guidance Counselor, Louis Arbour S.S
  • Ms. D, English Teacher, Louis Arbour S.S.

Registered Nurse Project (Culminating Part 4)

Destini Porter-McLeod

Mrs. Tran

April 8th 2016

Career studies


I will be telling you about some career challenges for Registered Nurse and how these problems can be resolved. Some of the challenges are injuries, shift work, studies and getting burnout. The benefits are getting better jobs, higher salary and better living standard. These challenges might seem to be overwhelming but the benefit outweighs the challenges.

Challenge #1

Firstly, the biggest challenge is shift work. There is more than working a twelve hour shift but this shift puts lots of pressure and stress on the nurses. Working a twelve hour shift could be a good or bad thing. Nurses will often work a twelve hour shift, it is long hours but you have to work less days of the week. You might spend less time with your family because you would have to work during holidays and weekends. Some nurses might be working two sixteen hour shifts on Saturday and Sunday it is very hard to do and put lots of pressure to get the job done right. (Say more about why it may be hard)The nurses are even lucky to get five to six hours of sleep between shifts.

Solution #1

There is a solution so you can overcome this challenge. When working twelve hour shift nurses can work three straight days and then have four days off. During your days off nurses can spend time with their families. Control your working shifts with a calendar so the shift does not get out of hand.Nurses are tired and they have to deal with confused patients. Nurses can take sick or personal days and may get paid. Therefore, for some nurses working twelve shift hours are better than doing the regular thirty five to forty five hours per week.

Challenge #2

Another challenge for Registered Nurses is injuries. Nursing involves doing physical work so nurses are more likely to get injured. Nurses will often get back injuries from trying to lift heavy patients improperly. It is hard to control confused patients because they can easily hurt you if they do not know what is going on or they think that you are going to hurt them. Nurses giving a needle to a patient can also get hurt by the needle which is called “needle stick”. Hospitals do not take action when nurses get injuries from doing physical work for the patients.

Solution #2

The solution is that nurses can use a Hoyer-lift to lift and move heavy patients instead of putting pressure on their back. All instruments come with safety so the nurses don’t hurt themselves using it. Hospital equipment is designed to be moved easier. Hospital now a days take action when nurses get injured. With confused patients doctors or an expert comes and calms down the patient until the nurse is finished. With a needle stick nurses have a safety locks on them for protection so that no one will get hurt using them.

Challenge #3

Lastly, the challenge is continuing your studies while still working. For school I will be doing Registered Practical Nurse for two years, a Bridge Program for one year and then my last two years at university for an RN degree. The Bridge Program is an extra year that will transition me from college to university. The classes are very intense and you need to be very focused because you can easily get off track and fail. Classes also may have you doing new and complex projects but this will be very beneficial to my career. The studies will be very hard, but being dedicated I will do very well. I will need to improve in English, Math and Science courses because these are important to my career. Study habits could either make you fail or pass so it is lots of pressure on yourself to succeed with a good grade.

Solution #3

The solution for shortening the five year course is taking summer school for the Bridge Program. The Bridge Program is just an extra year so you can do it in summer school to take the pressure off yourself and then graduate 1 year earlier. Taking the Bridge Program in summer school is like putting a year-long course in just 6 months so you don’t have to take that extra year. For classes you can ask for extra help and tutoring to improve your grades. Also, for studies you can go to your professor and ask him or her for extra help and concentrate on your work rather than going to parties.