ART of the Victorian Period

Chad Hendricks, 1st Period

Famous Artists

Queen Victoria was a woman named after the victorian era. She was the queen that ruled the British Empire. Florence Nightingale is another woman of the Victorian era. She was a pioneer nurse of the Crimean war and she revolutionized hospitals. Artists include Edwin Austin Abbey, David Roberts, and William Powell Frith.
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Subject Matter

Art was an important part of the Victorian era because art showed all the imagination an how those times were in pictures and paintings. Without art there would not have been anything to show for of the Victorian times. Every piece of art from this era is a piece of history and every painting has a story behind it so its almost like all the paintings are summed up pictures of the victorian era.
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Significance of Art in the Victorian Era

The significance of art in the Victorian era is that the art represented the high standards of England. The victorian art showed a popular attraction during this period of Greek and Roman society. The art played a good role in the fashion and elegance of England. Victorian Art also changed the outlook on Art itself introducing new styles of art, Victorian art revolutionized the social world and imagination.
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