Exploration of a teenage white male


I am a 15 year old male that goes to school and I also play sports. In school I think I talk a lot. At home I am very energetic and it drives my family nuts sometimes. When I play basketball or tennis I am very competitive and I don't like to lose. When I play the sport for fun or competitive I am very serious and I want to win.

In the play Twelfth Night the character Sebastian is a twin brother to Viola/Cesario. Sebastian sometimes feels like he is crazy because many people falsely accuse him of being Cesario/Viola. "O any other trust but that I am mad—or else the lady’s mad" (Iv.iii.18). What this quote is saying is that Sebastian is thinking that he may be insane because Olivia thinks he is Cesario and wants to marry him. Then he says that Olivia may be the insane and he is not crazy at all.


As a 15 year old male student I am to be thought of getting B's and C's but I really get mostly A's and a couple B's.


I believe that people see me as a very quiet person but I am really a chatterbox. Lots of people think I am not good at sports because of my size. When people see me play they say I am really good. My family sees me as a hardworking student and a good son. Lots of people think I am a little wealthy because I go to Florida at least six or seven times a year but most of the trips are free.

In the play Twelfth Night many characters see Sebastian as a loving kind of guy. Others think he is a different person and they treat him differently."Now sir, have I met you again?"(Iv.i.20). This quote is when Sir Toby is talking to Sebastian telling him we have met before and Sebastian thinks they've never met. Sebastian has never seen him but Sir Toby has met his twin sister and he thinks Sebastian is her right now.

Similarities and Differences

The similarities between Sebastian and I are that we both have a sister. Also other people think were different people. The differences between us are I play sports and Sebastian doesn't. Sebastian lives on an island and I live in the country. He is getting married and I'm not.