Kindergarten Weekly

October 3-6, 2016

Fridays at Home

-Have your child retell Mama Do You Love Me? Ask your child to tell you what they learned about the Arctic habitat.
-Practice writing the letters d, s, m, g and the numbers 1-4 (sing the number song for each one)
-Practice trick words
-Read and record pages in passports!

This weekend is supposed to be much cooler; spend some time outside looking for signs of fall! Ahhhh-my favorite time of the year!

A Peek in Our Week

Even though is still felt like summer, we had some chilly fun visiting the Arctic habitat! We learned about the Arctic weather, the Inuit people, Arctic foxes, beluga whales, and we recreated The Shivering Arctic from our picture study. Enjoy the pictures below!

Here's What's Coming Up This Week

Language Arts-Practice letter sounds, vowels/consonants, trick words, sky writing and letter formation, basic sentence structure, syllables, rhyming words, and introduce the letters e & r. We will continue working on our Ouch! writing project.

Saxon Math-Cover pattern block designs, sequence daily activities, order numbers 0-10, identify, describe, compare triangles and squares, and play math games

Bible-Our Bible memory passage for October is Philippians 2:5-8 (in folder); working on verse 5 this week. We will also continue learning about Abraham.

Around the World-Mrs. Rosser will lead us in learning about the forest habitat, with our book of the week, Stranger in the Woods.

Reminders-Box Tops are due October 20th; please send them in a ziplock bag, pretrimmed, and labeled "kindergarten." No school this Thursday, October 6th!

Overheard in class-Student A: "Did you know that you can change your name?" Student B: "Oh yeah, my Dad changed his name." (I asked, "What did he change his name to?") Student B: "Superman, I think?"
Student (randomly): "My hand is fizzling."
Big image

Land art masterpiece of "mama" from our book of the week!