Sing Down the Moon By Scott O'dell

Summarized by Ivan Hale

About the book

Sing Down the Moon is about a girl named bright morning. The story talks abo how she is taken from her home twice by two different groups of people. The first group is two white men that take her and her black dog to be a servant for a woman in another Indian tribe. The next group is also white but Very large in number, the group is called The long Knives. Except for The Long Knives its not just her , they take the entire tribe too and burn down heir village

Charachters of the Book

Bright Morning-She is the main character, she has great bravery and perseverance. In this story she has proved that in many ways.

Running Bird- she is Bright Morning's fried. She was the other girl captured by the two white men but she never abandoned Bright Morning no matter what.

Tall Boy-He came to rescue Bright Morning and Running Bird when they were captured. but in doing so was shot in the arm an lost his ability to use it.

Main Conflict

The main conflict in the book is about Bright Morning's internal conflict . After being captured by the long knives she keeps having dreams of going home. She tells Tall Boy (her newly wed husband) that she keeps having dream of her sheep back home but he tries to convince her that they are all dead. But eventually After finding out she is with child Tall Boy is the one that gets convinced. They sneak away on horse back and find their way home to start a new life.

Plot Summary

  • Bright Morning and Running Bird are captured by two white men.
  • they escape and meet up with tall boy for him to bring them back.
  • As they are riding away Tall Boy is shot in the arm.
  • They bring him back to find out his arm is paralyzed.
  • After that they are captured by the long knives.
  • The long knives burn down their village.
  • They are brought away from home and only given flour to eat.
  • Tall Boy and Bright Morning get married.
  • Bright morning finds out she is pregnant
  • Bright morning starts having dreams of home.
  • She tries to convince Tall Boy to take her.
  • He finally agrees and they set off on horseback for home.
  • She has her child when they get home.
  • Tall boy builds a house for his new family.
  • They finally live happy Together raising their child.

Quote from the Book

"some are still alive, That is why I see them" ( O'Dell, copyright, 1970)

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