Marco polo!

kathleen carter


He was born in 1254 from the city of Venice or the city of Korcula , Croatia but, raised in Venice . Polo came from a long line of explorers and traders. Marco polo is the most known of the Polo's because he took the time to document his adventures and his voyages .

His voyage.

The khan wanted them to carry a message to the pope, Gregory X asking for a team of westerners to come to and teach western culture and Christianity in 1271. He went for the religious reasons and gold factor.


Polo's original goal was to establish a trade relationship with Asia. he didnt establish a trade relationship with Asia but, he did explore and documented areas of Asia not explored before by any Europeans .

interesting facts

marco polo was a magor influence on other explorers including Christopher Columbus
his do or die approach on traveling made him popular and inspire globetrotting adventures. the game marco polo gets it name because legend has it the famed explorer didnt really have one clue where he was going like the game.
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