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Tips for Camping with Kids

Heading out into nature during the summer months is a seasonal tradition for many people. It’s one thing to rough it on your own or only with adults, but it’s entirely another to camp with children tagging along. To combat short attention spans and the minor discomforts that can come with camping, here are some tips to keep the kids entertained and active during the day and comfy at night.

At Camp

Choosing the right campsite can mean all the difference, as it sets the stage for all other aspects of the excursion. A mix of items geared for outdoor adventure and those more familiar will give the kids options when it comes to entertaining themselves during family outings. Outdoor items to pack include:

  • fishing rods and tackle
  • a magnifying glass and an insect-collection kit
  • binoculars for viewing wildlife
  • field guides for identifying unfamiliar flora and fauna
  • buckets and shovels if a sandy beach is nearby
  • a bevy of squirt guns
  • if you’re boating — skis, a tube, life jackets and swimming attire.

While you’re heading out into the woods, sometimes the common items brought from home bring new ways to have fun. Bicycles can provide entertainment around the immediate campsite, but they can also open miles of trail for exploration. A football, baseball or Frisbee can lead to family games and fun. Reading books can help during wind-down time before bed and coloring books come in useful during the day if kids get tired of the sun and fun. And, of course, there’s the most simple of endeavors, which requires only a pair of shoes – a family hike.

While the adventure and fun of camping should be the focus, all of that should come after, or at least hand-in-hand, with safety. Incorporating a few simple tips can keep your family safe. Read more here!


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