Systematic Lists

There's always an organized way to track and find a solution

The Basics

In order to solve a problem using a systematic list, you need to look no further than the title of the problem solving strategy. It is one thing to list our numbers, data and information. It is an entirely different process to organize your work in a way to make sure that anyone and everyone can truly understand your thinking and solving of a problem. In this way, the system creates the discussion.

Systematic List NEED TO KNOWS

It is very important that your truly understand our process of problem solving within APPS class. Each strategy has its own, "specifics" that need to be followed. Here are some for systematic lists:

  • Always organize your work - There must be a system/design/order for your work within these problems
  • Include ALL important information in your list - Some items are a MUST within your list while others are not needed (Make sure you understand this)
  • Realize the question you need to answer - Your list should be created in a way that will bring you to the correct solution based off the information given
  • Always keep track of work - Whether there is a pattern to follow, a number of combinations to find, or a step by step process to follow with your list, never ever turn away from what you need to do in order to find a correct solution

These are just some of the main ideas behind the systematic list strategy. Be sure that you have familiarized yourself with these in time to take your quiz.

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