South Korea to Chicago with hockey

By Sam Garrison

Navigate your way through this website to find out who is my "untouchable" hero, my touchable hero, what a hero is, and learn about adoptions, domestic and international. My untouchable hero is Brianna Decker, a female hockey player. My touchable hero is my mother, Ann Garrison. My research essay is about adoptions, from out of the country or from another person in the United States.
Uncut Touchable Hero Interview

Click to listen to my uncut untouchable hero interview of my mom.

What is a hero? Who is a hero? defines a hero as, “a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.” That doesn't have to be true. A hero usually isn't a fictional character, because we don't live in a fictional world. A hero can be a person that helps out at the soup kitchen, or the person that spends all their free time providing for the poor.

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Enough hockey achievements to last a lifetime.

A hero is somebody who can persevere and succeed at their goals, and being an overall caring, amusing, and helpful person. My untouchable hero is Brianna Decker, a U.S. national and Boston Pride hockey forward. She has won the Patty Kazmaier Award, which is awarded to the best NCAA Division 1 female hockey player every year. She competed at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and earned a silver medal in the final against Canada, and scored the NWHL’s (National Women’s Hockey League) first ever hat trick in October. Brianna Decker is my untouchable hero because of her incredible hockey achievements and friendly personality off the ice.

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Adoptions: Are They Worth It?

Adopting a child internationally or domestically is a costly, time consuming, and a very thorough process making sure that every prospective child for adoption will have a safe and loving home. Some people believe that the process is not a deep enough or thorough enough check into prospective families, but many people believe the checks and fees are fine as where they are now and nothing needs to be changed.

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