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by aroojasim

About me....

Travelling is something that I have always enjoyed since I was every young and to this day. It was something that I always looked forward to when it came to vacation or free time, something that brought my family together as well.Through the years I have been to many places and lived different regions but there are some places in the world that are beyond my reach at the moment but someday I would like to visit these places or even a achieve these things.Something that really interests me when it comes to travelling is learning about the history of the places and stories about the myths that roam the world .Some of the regions of the world I would like to visit or even are my favorite are Europe because their land is filled with history everywhere. Another region would Asia even being from that region but there are some sacred places that beyond beautiful that are worth being seen.Lastly would be the chain of Caribbean islands with their exquisite culture and beaches with the most clearest water in the world .Putting all this a side here are some of the things that I enjoy about travel .Firstly,is going to new places and experience the difference in culture and nature but in general just the act of travelling .Finally, these are places I would like to travel to and things I would want achieve by the last day I have on this Earth or even before .
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Here are some places I want to go and things i want to do before I die...

Perform hajj

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This one the most important thing that I would like to do myself and also with my family.Muslims’ quest to Mecca is the most important moment of their spiritual lives, and an unparalleled sight.Hajj is a part of our faith and we are obligated to perform if you can afford it. It also one of the pillar of Islam as well. since I was every young my dream was to go there and be able to do Hajj . I want to go there when one day when i have job earn enough to take my parents with me.It is one of my life long dream.

Spend a night in a treehouse

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I thought it would be spontaneous or fun getting to stay in a tree house hotel since completely outside the box when it comes to hotels. The Chewton Glen hotel has said to have spend 7 million pound constructing those beautiful and peaceful tree house suites which is quite lot of money. They have also used all trees they have cut down to build the tree house back inside the suites for sustainable suites . The Chewton tree house suites is in the middle of new forest in other words nature, being in nature it is really a peaceful place to go and relax from the stress of the world that I might it would take me away from the city or the suburbs life that we have here in Canada. Within a few minutes walk you can reach the sea, where you can go power boating ,kayaking excursion. Short distance to the hotel what excites me is that you go horse riding, mountain bike riding. In the video they give a glimpse of the suites from the inside and the nature outside and it looks going from day and night which is so beautiful.
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Important bucket list entry

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perform hajj

Its is the most important entry in bucket because it just spiritual peace to myself and I just want to wake up one have the actually money to go there since it very expensive to travel to there ,everything put together.My parent have always told that if there one thing you should have done before you leave this world is Hajj because it is such an important aspect of Islam and faith. But,the kab'ah itself is actually the most beautiful that I could see with my eye.It's like how New York city is the city that never sleeps well the Muslims its Mecca that is the city that never sleep.I just wish one I will actually be able to form Hajj and visit the kaba'ah.It's Something that I have dream