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France Introduction

France's Nickname Is The "Hexagon" (six-sided country)

"Each Country Has A Soul And France's Soul Is Equality"- Francois

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France's Regions- Northern France

-Paris Is The Economic, Political and Cultural Capital Of France .

-Lille Is An Industrial City And It Has Steel Mills, Chemical Plants And Textile Industries.

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Southwest France

  • Grapes Used To Produce French Wine
  • Bordeaux Is Known For Making The Best Wines
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Southern France

- Their Mountain Ranges Are The MASSIF CENTRAL and The ALPS

- The Issue Is The Alps Is Stopping Movement and The Way There Going TO Fix It Is TO Build A River.

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The Mediterranean

- The Riviera Attracts Millions Of Tourists Each Year. Its Also Known As The Azure Coast.

- Cannes, Nice, Saint-Tropez

-Marseilles Is The Busiest Seaport In France And The Second Most Active In All Of Western Europe .

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East France

  • The Rhine River Is Important Is Europe's Busiest