The Hot Peeta Malark

He may be Just a bread boy, but he got skill.

A little about Peeta Mallark

  1. He is a Bread boy.
  2. He lives in District 12.
  3. He is good with knifes.
  4. He is smart.
  5. His nick name is Lover Boy.

Why you should sponcor him

He has good skill and he is vary smart. He can win with his smarts. He is vary strong. He is fast. He is good at camouflage. He could blind in with his surroundings. If there was some chance that the rules would change and there could be two winers from the same district. He could team up with Katniss and win the Hunger Games. He is the one with the better skill.
Se how good he is.

By: Catherine-Iva Rowley