Endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtle

By: Briana Bell

Common Name:

The loggerhead common name is Loggerhead Sea Turtle.

Scientific Name:

The loggerheads scientific name is caretta caretta.

Regions Loggerheads Are Found:

Loggerheads are found in the temperate and tropical regions.

Why Loggerheads Are In Danger Of Extinction:

Reasons Loggerhead Turtles are in danger of being extinct:

1. Directed harvest

2. General threats to marine turtles

3. Incidental capture in fishing gear, primarily in longlines and gillnets, but also in trawls, traps and pots, and dredges.

What Is Being Done To Protect Loggerhead Turtles:

One thing we did to protect Loggerhead Sea Turtles is we made national laws. Another thing we did is develop lightning ordinances to reduce hatchling disorientations. Last but definitely not least, nesting beaches have been and continue to be acquired for long-term protection.