Five Seconds of Summer

~*~Derping since 2011~*~

Who are they?

Five Seconds of Summer are an Aussie pop-punk (or, punk-rock, to some) band, who love their fans with all their hearts. Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford and Calum Hood have captured teenage girls' attention and have stolen their hearts, and aren't planning to give them back anytime soon.
5SOS being their derpy, funny selves!

This video shows the extremely cute boys of Five Seconds of Summer being their natural selves- derpy and all!

Billboard 100

This amazing pop-punk band have been in the charts of Billboard 100 many times. Their hit single 'She Looks so Perfect' landed in the 24th place,as well as 'Everything I Didn't Say', and 'Amnesia' landed 16th! Woohoo!
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5SOS dropped the famous Tally logo?

Yes, it's true. After famous band 'Undefeated' charged the lads with copyrights for the tally logo, Five Seconds of Summer switched to a heart-eyed skull. But wait! The Tallies are still there! Yep- they're just in the smile.