PLN6: Required Technology Accounts

For Session 1

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To Access Your Neshaminy Google Account

Follow the district's directions which follow:

Neshaminy Google Drive Account

Neshaminy School District will be utilizing Google Apps for Education, for academic projects, collaboration, classwork, and electronic interaction with teachers and students. The information listed below describes the type of tools that will be utilized and how to log into your Neshaminy Google Apps for Education account.

The following services (strictly visible to teachers and students within the Neshaminy School District) are available to staff and students in school, at home or anywhere that internet/mobile access is available:

· Google Drive (Docs) is a set of tools including word processing, spreadsheet, drawing, forms and presentation tools similar to Microsoft Office. Students will be allowed to share documents and collaborate on projects with only teachers and students from the Neshaminy School District.

· Calendar is an individual calendar providing the ability to organize schedules, daily activities, and assignments. The calendar will only be visible to other students and teachers within the Neshaminy School District.

· Google Sites is an individual and collaborative website creation tool, which will allow students to create web sites visible to only teachers and students within the Neshaminy School District.

· STUDENTS ONLY: Official School Email Address an individual email account managed by the Neshaminy School District, students will be assigned a email account and be able to log in using their school passwords. Student email is limited to sending and receiving only to teachers and other students within the Neshaminy School District.

· Use of any additional collaborative or mobile tools and/or services that Google may provide in the future that enhance the educational experience.

Click here and watch the video to learn more about Google Apps for Education:

Log into your Google Apps for Education account today and start implementing its features in your classroom!

· Navigate to

· In the Sign In Window type the following u/n and p/w

o Username =

o Initial Password = !12344321!


Read through the Google Terms of Use

o Enter in the security letters

o Press “I accept. Continue to my account”

· It will then ask you to create a new password

o Fill in your current password = !12344321!

o Type in a new password

o Re-enter new password

o Click Submit

Have fun implementing the power of Google in your class today!

Please note: students under the age of 13 need parent consent prior to using Google Apps for Education. Parent consent forms can be found on SharePoint.

Create a Personal Google Account

  • Log out of your Neshaminy Google Account
  • Click "Create an account"
  • Complete the form
  • Record your logon information

You may use an already established Google account if you have one.