Glitz Girls Team - July Newsletter

Month in Review

July was so Joyful!!! Congratulations on all that YOU accomplished last month.

We started off the month strong with DOT DOLLARS and that helped many of us get qualified going into our Annual Conference, HOOPLA! A big congratulations to Ashley Vella for being our teams TOP DOT DOLLAR Seller!! You did an amazing job of reaching out to your customer base and got them to redeem those Dot Dollars that they were awarded. That takes focus and great follow up, BOTH in which you nailed!

After the excitement of DOT DOLLARS, 3,000 nationwide Stylists attended Hoopla!! This was my 4th HOOPLA (wow!!!) with Stella & Dot and I have to say it was my all time favorite for a few reasons.

1. I think Stella & Dot HAS IT DOWN! We are a well oil machine when it comes to trainings and meetings and I highly encourage you to attend next year. The conference was full of recognition, inspiration, guidance and most of all FUN!

2. I was SO incredibly grateful for the opportunity to meet many of you for the first time and I was equally as proud to be amongst so many amazing women and booty shakers on our team!!!

3. The main reason I loved it so much was because of all of you and our growing teams. I know something beautiful and amazing in on the horizon for so many of you!! New friendships were made, pacing partners were established and we have really come together to create such a strong, positive, supportive and consistent team! I'm excited to watch and help you achieve your goals this year!

Meet your new Glitz & Glam Team Members!!

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Natalie Firman- Sponsored by Sarah Zengerle

Wakisa Smithson- Sponsored by Sarah Zengerle

Tammy Thomson- Sponsored by Kristen Makins

Lindsay Cieslak- Sponsored by Natali Elledge

Congratulations on your new S&D biz and have fun launching!!
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Top in Team Sales

Congratulations to our top 3 in team sales for July!

#1. Meghann Hooper is a booking machine out of Grand Rapids, MI. She has been a Stella & Dot stylist for only 6 months and has consistently hit her 30% commission or higher every single month!! Congratulations Meghann on being top in team sales and another incredible month!
#2. Ashley Vella is in the top 3 once again for team sales. Ashley took the award for best in Dot Dollar redemption even while she was on a week long business trip in Boston for her other job. She's the ultimate jet setter and she arrived at Hoopla like the Star she is!
#3. Natali Elledge is a brand new stylist on the Dot Divas team. Natali signed on in June and she's rockin' her new Stella biz like nobody's business! She already sponsored her first stylist and is on her way to promoting to Lead Stylist! Congrats Natali!


1 Meghann Hooper $4832.5

2 Ashley Vella $4645.17

3 Natali Elledge $4301.57

4 Kathryn Androff $4107.01

5 Beth Shehab $4048.54

6 Sarah Zengerle $3686.14

7 Kristie Conklin $3516.24

8 Jami Davis $3262.93

9 Kristen Makins $3221.19

10 Erin Moharita $3050.7

11 Julie Rappley $2589.55

12 Kelly Lammers $2519.4

13 Lori Gensch $2505.71

14 Nancy Weightman $2446.4

15 Kelly Petitto $2427.9

16 Krista Klepchak $2422.23

17 Lacey Stevick $2412.45

18 Kim Niles $2339.46


19 Ann Offer $2145.54

20 Shari Pawlus $2020.7

21 Stacey Murdock-Webster $1846.2

22 Christa Fisher $1843.83

23 Angela Cherill $1811.4

24 Danielle Currie $1787.75

25 Tammy Gauthier $1749.16

26 Darcy Sieber $1744.95

27 Katarina Gasevski $1647.8

28 Kelly Robson $1552.8

29 Lauren Bulakowski $1511.15

30 Jennifer Johnson $1503.01

31 Karima Bostick $1487.4

32 Justine Bitonti $1416.65

33 Carrie Browning $1396.37

34 Megan Mungovan $1313.3

35 Beth Jacobson $1267.42

36 Alyssa Pinnock $1212.5

37 Nora Mihalick $1055.32

38 Nina Yessian $1034.59

39 Robin Peruggia $1028.24

40 Marcela Hoeven Samson $1022.19

41 Heather Garden $1011.89

42 Katie Caparros $998.2

43 Jennifer Kim $991.03

44 Megan Kosecki $927

45 Audra Gilman $919.8

46 MEGAN COOPER $889.6

47 Lauren Campbell $857.08

48 Victoria Struebing $855.77

49 Jamie Brandimarte $828.85

50 Cortney Lenz $813.8

51 Jackie Martin $792.3

52 Corinna LaHiff $752.75

53 Jennifer Corr $752

54 Stacey Malecki $728.02

55 Wendy Curtis $725

56 Krystal Kirschner $720.7

57 Kelly Scott $718

58 Heather Allard-Kotaska $655.05

59 Bridget Drzewicki $638

60 Darci Brown $625.8

61 Marissa Youngs $601.4

62 Lauren Robinson $596.45

63 Darcy Ojeda $593.93

64 Erin O'Brien $589.97

65 Brooklyn Brusse $578.13

66 Hilary Fisher $566.9

67 amy darby $562.47

68 Jacqualyn Tomyn $558.98

69 Kathleen Jordan $553.3

70 Jennifer Rundell $551.3

71 Shanin Lees $550.92

72 Dana Rumsey $536.5

73 Kristy Gordley $531.42

74 Sara Rivard $524.13

75 Kerri Rodriguez $518.9

76 Amy Therrian $517.3

77 Jennifer Thomm $513.13

78 Jane Ford $509.3

79 melissa waters $506.89


Congratulations To Our New Team Leaders -

1 Ann Offer- Senior Stylist

2 Karima Bostick- Lead Stylist

3 Justine Bitonti- Lead Stylist

4 Jennifer Thomm- Lead Stylist

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Team Qualified Sponsorships

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1 Sarah Zengerle- 1

2 Kristie Conklin- 1

3 Ashley Vella- 1

Glam Getaway 2015! Congrats to our Quickstart Earners!

Ann Offer
Ashley Vella
Beth Shehab
Christa Fisher
Danielle Currie
Darcy Sieber
Erin Moharita
Jami Davis
Jennifer Johnson
Katie Androff
Kelly Lammers
Kelly Petitto
Kelly Scott
Kim Niles
Kristen Makins
Kristie Conklin
Lacey Stevick
Meghann Hooper
Nancy Weightman
Natali Elledge
Sarah Zengerle
Shari Pawlus
Tammy Gauthier
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Dominican Republic......Here we come!!!!

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