Much Ado About Nothing

By Marcus Vandecorput

Claudio and Jack Dawson

The reason I think that Jack Dawson would be a good actor for Claudio is because they both fall in love with a girl. Another guy loves Jack's girl but she doesn't love him back. Claudio is a young soldier and he's courageous and Jack tries saving a girl from dying.

Don John and the Joker

Don John tries ruining Claudio's and Hero's relationship. The Joker in the movie Batman is also a villain like Don John and hurts people. Don John and the Joker both run away from their problems.


There were three main events that happened. The first event was when Don Pedro dressed up as Claudio to win back Hero. This was important because that is how Claudio and Hero got together. The second main event that happened is when Don John tried to ruin Claudio's and Hero's relationship. The third main event that happened was when Hero "died" but she really didn't.


Most of this play was based off jealousy. It was based off jealousy because Don John tries to ruin Hero's and Claudio's relationship. Then Don John gets caught and tries to run away.